Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Massive Public Outrage Surges Against Hard-Left Coup Plotters

Top: "Taliban" Jack Layton, hard-left radical socialist leader

Middle: Separatist & Communist Gilles Duceppe
Bottom: The hugely unpopular, thoroughly-rejected-by-Canadians-and-his-party, Liberal leader Stephane Dion, a citizen of France and former separatism activist

Report here.

All you have to do is read that report and realize that the formerly-sleepy, apathetic, uncaring-about-politics Canadian population has suddenly arisen to its feet and is making its voice heard loud and clear and the vast majority are condemning the above hard-left coup plotters who aim to overthrow the government which was elected just seven weeks ago with an increased vote total and increased number of seats in Parliament.

The Hard Left has dared to act like Soviet Bolshevist revolutionaries, wrongly assuming that they can get away with this draconian, undemocratic, un-Canadian, uncalled-for behavior.

Indeed, Canadians are outraged like never before.

This is an historic time in the history of Canada.

This illegitimate coup d'etat by these self-serving, radical, revolutionary Hard-Left-Wing extremists must not be allowed to proceed.

If they try, then it's going to get... UGLY.

What they are trying to do is DANGEROUS.

Remember these political parties that consent to these lunatics' behavior:

Liberal. New Democratic. Bloc Quebecois. Remember them.

And never vote for them again.