Monday, December 29, 2008

Horrific Slaughter At Church In Congo

This proves that race doesn't affect humanity's capacity for hatred and evil.

Black, White, whatever race... hatred and evil can corrupt anyone, anywhere.

Some people don't seem to understand this, however. Some folks think that only "white" folks can be hateful and evil, it seems. Anyone who's obsessed with cracking down only on hateful, evil "white" folks, but no other kinds of hateful and evil folks... well, you figure it out.

Odd that this terrible, tragic situation isn't being covered as much as are Israel's defensive actions against the folks who have been attacking them thousands of times with rockets, and who were warned that if they didn't stop, there would be devastating airstrikes to stop the attacks by force.

The morals and ethics of the world are really fecked up, aren't they? The world pretty much yawns as "Palestinian" terrorists shoot thousands of rockets at Israel for years. The world takes note of the chopping deaths of innocents at the hands of the Congolese Army, but does nothing and says little.

Why is the world obsessed with demonizing everything Israel does to stand up for her very survival, protect her own people from hateful, evil "Palestinians"? Why does the world seem to hold such inexplicable, irrational hatred, phobia and prejudice for Israel? Why is the world content to be ignorant as to the truth, as to history, and to willingly permit the "Palestinian" propagandists to feed them the Goebbelian Big Lies about the Jewish State of Israel, thus repeating what appears to parallel the infamous "Final Solution" of Adolf Hitler?

Why is so much of the world ganging up against the Jewish State of Israel today, as did so much of the brainwashed German population who didn't know better than to think what they were told, to submit to evil and allow themselves to be part of the evil Final Solution program?

What logical conclusion is possible, other than that much of the world is actually anti-Semitic, regardless of being in denial thereabout? Really, all this hatred, all this Israelophobia, Zionophobia... is really nothing short of anti-Semitism, a la Hitler's Nazi ideology. And don't forget that the Jew-hating Islamists were on the same side with, even fought within the same army, as the Nazis! You knew that, didn't you? If not, it's probably not your fault; I didn't know that myself, either, until relatively recently. No problem. Just look at Haj Amin Al Husseini...

People who think that "Palestine" is a victim and that Israel is an aggressor need to give their head a good shake. Just because Israel is smarter, stronger, morally and ethically superior, compared to the hatefully, evilly corrupt "Palestine", doesn't mean that Israel is the bad guy and that "Palestine" is the good guy.

Believe it or not, Israel is the underdog here, not "Palestine". Duh- like, dude, get a clue!

Sometimes the smarter, stronger party is the amazingly restrained, forebearing victim and the dumber, weaker, but by no means harmless, nor peaceful, counterpart, the habitual aggressor.

The truth of the matter is that "Palestine" is the effective equivalent of the Nazi Party, albeit without the resources to, by itself, build a massive Holocaust infrastructure and world war machine, but they still do have, on their side, the likes of Iran, Syria, China, Russia... all indubitably regimes ruled by evil totalitarians. With nukes, or at least soon to acquire them.

Until the hatred is eradicated from "Palestine", there will never, never, never be peace in the Middle East. This is the key! Eradicate the hatred!