Friday, December 12, 2008

Mrs. Junta Jack Caught Censoring Inconvenient Poll Result On Own Website

Seen at a Super-Duper-Totally-Bizarre-Left-Wing event of some sort: Olivia Chow, the woman (she's actually the only woman sitting on the wheelcouch; don't be fooled by the fooly dudes in the wild getups!) with the dark hair and normal-looking clothes. Hubby "Junta Jack" Layton of the infamous "Three Stooges" Leftist Triangle "Coalition" is behind the one with the blue hair... don't ask me what the hell he's doing!

Olivia Chow can't handle the inconvenient truth, which is that a majority of Canadians disagree with her (and right there on her very own website, horror of horrors!) on her hubby Jack Layton's Hard-Left "coalition" to overthrow the duly elected government. So when a poll she put on her website went horribly, inconveniently wrong, suddenly the poll vanished. She blames it on a "hacker". Yeah, suuuure. Riiiiight.

Small Dead Animals has the goods on her!

Following are a couple of screenshots, provided via SDA and someone named Anna, that prove that many of the inconvenient dissenting votes were removed to alter the poll's results...

Compare: Note the times in the Windows System Tray at the bottom right corner of the screenshots. Note the total number of voters and the vote results.

Clearly, Leftists are intolerant of disagreement and will censor it and replace it with lies, because Leftists believe that their desired ends justify their unethical, dishonest, sometimes even quasi-fascist, means, that ethics and morality are roadblocks to what they call "progress", to their ideas of "social justice", and now, a roadblock to overthrowing the duly-elected government and replacing it with a loose, precariously-balanced-and-ready-to-shatter-at-any-time Leftist "coalition" which the Canadian People resoundingly reject and want an election to have their say about. Of course, the Left is ignoring all the scientific polls put forth recently in the newsmedia that indicate that the vast majority of Canadians (yep, obviously all of them are "right-wing" Canadians, sure, right) are angrily opposed to these Hard-Left usurpers and subversives' undemocratic, revolutionary agenda and will not tolerate any attempt to throw out the results of the last election just because the Left considers it convenient to their scary revolutionary Hard-Left agenda to do so. It's not even a Left-Right thing; I see folks from all over the spectrum, even folks who appear to be nutty Leftists, united in their opposition to this attempted coup.

See? Leftists don't care what the People think. Leftists practice denial, pretending that the People agree with them en masse when the opposite is true. It's easier for Leftists to proceed with their "progressive" agenda if they believe they're supported by the majority. It's delusional, and this delusion is dangerous, for look at where the Left, and the Liberals, NDP (Ms. Chow's party) and the Bloc Quebecois are attempting to steer Canada, and with the formal, official approval of the Communist Party, no less!