Monday, December 29, 2008

PC Insanity Spotlight: One Woman Per Fire Engine

Story here.

I thought it was a sick joke, the headline declaring that each fire engine must have one woman... and I was thinking of a hot babe in a bikini smiling and gesturing towards each vehicle. I really did think it was a sick joke, due to the immediately apparent bizarreness of the headline.


Because this is insane.

Being a firefighter is extraordinarily physically demanding and requires individuals who can actually demonstrate the ability to handle the rigors of the job in order to be able to do it and save lives. Obviously, not everyone will qualify, be they men or women or whatever.

What the Britons in this community are doing is saying, "Just put a woman, some woman, any woman, into a firefighter suit and have her hang onto each vehicle and just be there and be seen to be 'fulfiling the needs' of the community". Obviously, a man cannot possibly fulfil the "needs", whatever they are, of the community, and the last firefighter to grab hold of each vehicle, for some obscure reason known only to a select privy few Hard-Left elites, must necessarily possess a vagina as opposed to a penis!

Really, the political correctness idiots need to be told exactly what the community needs, which is to have a firefighting service with all operational members fully physically capable of actually saving lives! Who the hell cares if it's a man, a woman, a white person, a black person, a Christian, a Jew, an atheist, an immigrant, etc? What matters is whether or not they've demonstrated the physical ability to save lives in times of critical emergencies like fires.

Saying that there MUST be at least one woman on each fire engine is nothing but an arbitrary quota designed to satisfy the mentally-disordered Hard Left and crazed FemiNazi revolutionaries.

It's insulting to women. It dogmatically implies that no women at all can cut it anyway, can't handle the rigors of firefighting as the guys can, and must have the state apparatus appoint them to tag along to specially "fulfil the diversity needs of the community". Perhaps whilst the men go about the actual firefighting job of putting out fires and saving lives... What other logical message is to be taken from this policy idea?

What's next, are they going to mandate that "gays", "lesbians", "transgendered individuals", Muslims wearing burkas, disabled persons, orthodox Rabbis, hockey players, the elderly, priests, Aboriginals and so on and so forth, also ride on the fire engines to "serve the diversity needs of the communities"?

Sheesh... I got a better idea. Wouldn't it be simpler to have a special "diversity vehicle" follow each fire engine around, carrying members of various identifiable groups within, to get out, walk around in raincoats, rubber boots and firehats and be seen by the "diversity-needy" community as the real firefighters go about the real job of putting fires out and saving lives? Of course, putting on a show of "diversity" is as important as the putting out of fires and saving lives... right? Diversity is as critically important as anything else! Absolutely! Because the teacher told you so! Because the "Human Rights" people say so! Because the mainstream media say so! Who cares that it costs the taxpayers too damn much? Don't you dare be a racist and a hater!

Political correctness... we can get along fine without it.

Look, if you can demonstrate that you can do the job, you're in. You're hired. We don't care whether you have a willy or a pussy!