Friday, December 05, 2008

Harper Conservatives Soar To 51% Support: Compas

COMPAS has completed a poll with startling results, including results that Canadians want a new election instead of a coup and that a majority would vote for the Harper Conservatives if an election were held right now.

Their poll also shoves aside the media windbags' unsurprising naysaying nonsense that Quebeckers are going to be mad at the Harper Conservatives for slamming the separatists. It also makes fools of those who claim that the Conservatives' chance of ever having a majority are permanently over due merely to what some Quebec media windbags claim.

PDF document... Go ahead, click it; it's pretty good reading!

COMPAS summarizes their poll as follows (emphasis mine):

By a more than 2:1 margin, Canadians call for another election if the choice faced by the Governor-General were between inviting Stephane Dion to form a government and hold a fresh general election weeks after the most recent one. That is the key finding from a national representative poll completed December 4, 2008.

If an election were held today, Stephen Harper would win a large majority based on nation-wide support of 51% compared to 20% for the Liberals, 10% for the NDP, 6% for the Greens, and 8% for the Bloc. Harper would sweep seat-rich Ontario with 53% of the vote compared to 24% for the Liberals and 10% for the NDP in that province and would surpass Dion in Quebec with 32% of the vote compared to 19% for the Liberals and 35% for the Bloc.

Key factors in this lightening speed transformation of public opinion:

  • 66% of Canadians oppose the Bloc Quebecois having a say in who forms the government;

  • 48% have confidence in Stephen Harper as Prime Minister in the current economic climate compared to 14% for Michael Ignatieff in second place, 11% for NDP leader Jack Layton, 8% for Stephane Dion, 4% for Bob Rae, and 3% for Gilles Duceppe;

  • 58% believe that the Coalition's real or main motivation was a power grab while 28% perceive the Opposition as honestly believing that Harper is a poor manager of the economy;

  • 61% believe that the Liberals, following their drop in support in the October election, should not be trying to form a government.

It is, therefore, of my opinion that Canadians have concluded that the Hard-Left bunch of Liberals, NDP, Bloc and Greens, with the approval of none other than the Communist Party (as I reported in an earlier post), have finally completely come unhinged and are scary and dangerous and must be shut out of power, preferably with an immediate election to drive the point home.

It's also my opinion now that Canadians see the Harper Conservatives as needing to have a strong majority government so as to prevent such a coup attempt by the Left-Wing extremists to seize power without the permission of the Canadian People.

Let there be no doubt that the Leftist "coalition" has a hidden agenda to force an unprecedentedly radically extreme (dare I say communistic) agenda of change upon Canadians against their wishes.

And this cannot be permitted, cannot be tolerated.

And Canadians instinctively know this. They know it because they see it unfolding right before their very eyes. It's not as if they just saw some partisan attack ad against someone claiming the other guys are going to "have people with guns walking around in Canada" or some unbelievable, unproven BS. Canadians see it actually taking place, see the Leftists doing this incredible, frighteningly dangerous thing, seeing it all, wide-eyed and open-mouthed with shock and horror that this could possibly be happening... in Canada

The impact is apparently, without a doubt, historic in magnitude. A period of unprecedented infamy in Canadian history...

Liberals. New Democrats. Bloc Quebecois.

Plotting and conspiring to overthrow the democratically-elected-by-the-People government, without cause and without the consent of the Canadian People.

Leftists pushing for a putsch. A coup d'etat. To impose their obviously hidden, radically revolutionary agenda, whatever it might be, on Canadians.

An undemocratic revolution to steal power, perpetuated by radical Leftists who formerly misrepresented themselves as moderate, caring, compassionate, democratic, and believing in Canadian values, none of which they demonstrate with their actions today.

In Canada.

I did not make this up.

Choose your Canada.