Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Gay" Man Guilty Of Murder, Chopping Up Other Man

Story here. Careful- the details of the crime are horrifyingly evil.

WINNIPEG - A man who admitted to beheading and dismembering a fellow he picked up in a bar has been found guilty of second-degree murder.

Sydney Teerhuis-Moar had argued during his trial that he was so high on booze and drugs he couldn't remember killing Robin Greene and stacking his body parts in a bathtub.

He lied...

Crucial evidence at the trial was a series of letters Teerhuis-Moar wrote to a prospective author of a book on the case. In the letters, Teerhuis-Moar made crude jokes about the death and suggested he had committed necrophilia.

The Crown argued the details in the letters proved he remembered exactly what he had done. Teerhuis-Moar argued he was a victim of his own desire for fame and made up the details to make a better story.

Made them up? Coincidence that it was, as pointed out by the Crown, the same as what he actually did? I don't think so. Neither did the jury.

No surprise that someone so evil would lie, too. And joke about the atrocity.

See, it's dangerous to pick up strangers... you never know what kind of person... or monster... they might be. Until it's too late.

What on earth makes some people become so evil?

Sounds more like murder one to me. And the sentence should be potassium chloride injection.

Makes one wonder about the label "gay", then... clearly, it doesn't apply to this monster, though he does seem to feel quite "gay" about the murder and chopping-up of another human being for the fun of it...