Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Double Standard: 'Gays' Attack Pope, But Not Islamic Clerics

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ht: Drudge Report

Why is it that when the Pope says something non-endorsive about homosexual behavior, he gets verbally bashed by supposedly "tolerant" "gay" militant propagandists right away, but when Islamic Imams say far, far worse about the 'gays', how come the 'gays' are silent?

One has to think... why? Why attack Christianity in particular? Don't the militant 'gay' extremists and supremacists understand that no major religion accepts homosexual behavior? Why single out Christians?

What is the true agenda of the radical, revolutionary 'gay' movement? To attack Christianity for exercising its rights openly? Where's the tolerant, peaceful, sophisticated, intelligent, rational diplomatic civility coming from the so-called 'gays'? Where's the famous 'live and let live' philosophy on the part of the so-called 'gays'? Is all that really supposed to go one way, but not both ways? Is it that 'gays' believe that they're specially entitled to behave like petulant, destructive two-year-olds whereas others must submit to such and endorse it?

Why not just turn the other cheek and ignore those whose speech you disagree with? Why verbally bash one specific group but not others, some of which say infinitely more strong things about not only homosexual behavior, but also about homosexual people? Why leave most alone and focus their crosshairs on one in particular?

The 'gays' are going after the Christians as the Nazis went after German Jews. The parallel cannot be denied.

Besides, the 'gays' are hypocrites. They say nasty things about Christianity, and these nasty, hateful utterances of theirs tend to justify Leftists' bashing of Christians.

The militant 'gay' movement has already exposed its true, hateful, violent, murderous, terroristic face to the world since unexpectedly losing the Proposition 8 vote.

Do the militant homosexuals speak for all homosexuals or not? Are all homosexuals, underneath their flamboyantly "gay", allegedly "happy" outward behavior, actually hateful and prejudiced to the point of knee-jerk reaction to any and all perceived slights, except, of course, those originating from Muslims?

Those who wonder what I'm talking about are brainwashed and ignorant about what's really going on in the real world, ignorant about current events, perceptually isolated in their comfy boxes of delusional, denying dogma.