Sunday, December 28, 2008

Russia Points A Hypocritical Finger At Israel

Get a load of the nerve of Putinist Russia.

ht: Drudge Report

After Russia's actions against Chechnya and against Georgia, the Putinist dictatorship is in no position to point fingers.

But brazenly point a hypocritical finger, they will... for these guys are no better than the old Stalinists. They're the Hard Left taken to the ultimate level.

Besides, with Russia's longstanding interference in the Middle East, with her arming, training, financing, aiding, abetting, and just plain using and expending, like human shells, the Muslims, to somehow get rid of the inconvenient Free World democratic state of Israel, which stands between Russia and Russia's goal to someday, somehow, dominate the Middle East... those in the know as to what's really what aren't going to be fooled by the phony indignance of the Bear.