Monday, December 01, 2008

Mumbai Muslim Terrorists Tortured Jews Before Murdering Them

Yep. Islam. Religion of Peace.

Muslims torturing and murdering people just for being Jews. Israeli Jews. Again.

Islam. Islam. Islam. Tolerant. Peaceful. Respectful. Yeah, sure. It certainly turns out fine, upstanding world citizens and not hateful murderers. Yeah, sure... it's a lot better than JudeoChristianity. As if JudeoChristians are going around doing that sort of thing... yeah, right; only in the wildest imaginations of the insane.

It keeps on going and going and going... will it ever end?

See what they're doing today? Everywhere. All the time. You can't miss it, though you can pretend it's not happening. If you want. Denial is bliss, until the Big One happens again at home.

They brought the Crusades upon themselves before.

One day, perhaps in another 400 years, at the rate things are going, what with delusional dhimmitude and refusal to see hatred where it exists... History will repeat itself. And it will be all their own fault again, unless Muslims the world over put a stop to the supremacists, imperialists, fascists, terrorists, torturers, etc... and fast.

Why don't they leave us non-Muslims alone? We actually aren't doing anything to them, except exercising self-defence against their relentless onslaught of prejudicial hatred, torture and murder in the name of their precious Allah.