Saturday, December 20, 2008

Red Star's Travers Bemoans Cancelled 'Air Farce'

James Travers of the Toronto Star asks where's the old CBC satirical current events show, the Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Even a "right-winger" like myself considered the old Air Farce perhaps the only CBC program worth bothering to watch.

I'm talking about the original cast, not the cast who replaced them and steered the show into an unfunny, Hard-Left direction and caused me to quit watching it after years of excitedly running to the TV every Friday at eight PM to catch such hilarious characters as Mike from Canmore, Jock McBile with "Get Stuffed" and Critic-at-Large Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me and the dysfunctional coffeeshop bunch, not to mention the Chicken Cannon with Colonel Stacy, whom some of his friends call Theresa... and who could forget John Morgan's laughable, in-drag portrayal of a cooly bored Deborah Grey, with the cigar, with the high-voiced fake Preston Manning yukking it up next to her?

Alas, the Nineties-and-early-'00s make-fun-of-everybody show was funny no more once those stupid young moonbats took over it. Their politically-correct agenda made me run, hand over-mouth, to the throne room to refund my din-dins, so I eschewed that show from then forward.

No wonder the show didn't survive after that. For pretty much the same reason why Left-wing radio talk shows can't get a toehold- there's no market for more Left-wing crap out there, for the marketplace of ideas and entertainment is already supersaturated with such nonsense. Right-wing talk shows thrive on the air because there's not enough Right-wing ideas and entertainment to go around, so Right-wingers flock to these media en masse. Where there's an insatiable hunger for something, feed that hunger and you'll prosper big-time. Try to offer meals to the already-stuffed-to-the-barfing-point, and your just-opened bistro will go bankrupt tomorrow.

Want to make millions in show biz? Start up a Right-wing show. Left-wing stuff will only turn out to be a waste of investment in today's dime-a-hundred, too-many-Left-wing shows and newsmedia environment chasing after a dwindling Left-wing audience.