Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Lib Leader Changes Nothing, Cdns Still Oppose Left's Greedy Power Grab Plot

Foreground: Michael Ignatieff, the hastily, in-a-panic, coronated-without-an-election Liberal Leader, dances gaily along with his Librano cronies. Background: Bob Rae, apparently being spun by some other Liberal dude.

Canadians aren't interested in Liberal Leaders and greedy Hard-Left power-stealing putsches; they want good government, and they have it in the Harper Conservatives. They don't care that the terribly inept Stephane Dion has been quickly replaced by some mysterious parachute candidate,
yet another pompous, flipflopping-for-political-convenience, arrogant ivory tower professor who's spent far too much of his life living elsewhere other than Canada.

Report on the latest post-Czar-Igor's-coronation poll here

ht: Small Dead Animals, Canada's premier important-stuff blog, where real Canadians speak their minds without fear, particularly with respect to the wacko Left. I wish my comments section was just a fraction of what we see at Kate's. Guess it might be partly 'cause I don't personally happen to have the hot-smart-talented-conservative-girl-with-a-mind-of-her-own-and-a-gun-in-her-hands attraction factor... oh, well... but at least I can think for myself and write, too! By the way, girls, I'm single, 36, and you can see my pic in my profile ;)

But enough about myself; let's talk about how much the Liberals and the other Leftist parties suck!

Compromise with Harper Conservatives whom Canadian People properly elected just weeks ago; don't overthrow them in a crazy, revolutionary, uncalled-for, selfish, greedy, mad putsch!

Results of the poll, conducted exclusively for Canwest News Service and Global National, showed 65 per cent of those surveyed said they believe Ignatieff should try to find a compromise with Harper, compared with 27 per cent who said they should "stick with the Liberal-NDP coalition." Eight per cent said they didn't know how Ignatieff should proceed.

Election, not Hard-Left coalition power seizure!

Poll results also suggest Canadians are so uncomfortable at the prospect of a Liberal-NDP coalition government, backed by the Bloc, that a majority - 56 per cent - would prefer going to the polls again early in 2009 if Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean is forced to choose between the two options. That number is unchanged from a similar poll conducted last week, prior to Ignatieff's promotion to the Liberal leadership.

New Liberal Leader changes nothing!

The survey results said the Liberals have not improved their electoral prospects - so far - by picking Ignatieff earlier this week to replace the unpopular Stephane Dion. Those surveyed favoured the Conservatives over the Liberals by 45 per cent to 26 per cent when no leaders' names were mentioned. The 19-point gap was repeated when the question was rephrased to name Ignatieff. The New Democrats trailed at 12 per cent and the Green party came in at seven per cent. The Bloc scored 39 per cent in Quebec, and 10 per cent nationally.

Finally, Canadians realize that it's not so much the Liberals' leader who matters; it's the Liberal Party itself that sucks, and that's important! Could this be the end of the Liberals' enjoyment of what has, in the past, amounted to artificially-inflated support owing to irrelevant-but-superior brand-name power? Could simply being of the "Liberal" name no longer matter? Well, it certainly shouldn't, and I'd expect Canadians to have finally realized this!

Climbing into bed with and bangin' around with the unapologetically-communistic NDP and the also-communistic, separatist Bloc Quebecois was perhaps the slap in the face that shocked Canadians into realizing that the Liberal Party is really nuts and obviously unfit to run the country, much less its own party, and that it is... Leftist! And extremist!

The Liberal Party is NOT "centrist", NOT "moderate". Let there be no illusions thereabout.

If anyone's moderate and mainstream, it's now clear that it's the Harper Conservative government. There is no doubt about it. Contrast their careful, pragmatic, rational, calm approach to dealing with various issues, including the global economic malaise, to the bizarrely haywire approach of panicky, greedy, power-mad, undemocratic, arrogant, Hard-Left-Wing extremist radicalism of the Liberals, NDP, Bloc, Greens, you name 'em. Besides, it wasn't the Conservatives who got the formal approval of the Communist Party; it was the Subversive Leftist Triangle led by some Three Stooges. Imagine that... being so radically, revolutionarily Left-Wing as to earn the approval of the Communist Party! This should really be mentioned in talking points to remind the voters of what kind of ideological brethren the Liberals and the other Leftist parties have, and that they must not be allowed anywhere near the levers of power, therefore making a vote for any of those wackos a no-no!