Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Human Rights" Commission: OK For Muslims To Say, "Kill Gays"

I don't have much time to blog this morning- must get to work early, but there's something you really need to read about...

...the majority of the references in “Islam or Fundamentalism” are to “infidels”, “miscreants” or “western women”. These are general, broad and diversified categories that do not constitute an “identifiable group” under Section 13 of the Act. As we have also mentioned, the extracts that identify groups on the basis of prohibited grounds of discrimination (homosexuals, lesbians, Christians, Jews) do not seem to promote “hatred” or “contempt” according to the criteria set forth in the Taylor case. Therefore, the document on which the complaint is based does not seem to meet the requirements of Section 13 of the Act for a complaint.

Translation: when a radical Muslim says gays should be killed, Buddhists should be killed, women may be treated like slaves, etc., those victims are not legally considered to be "identifiable groups" -- they have no human rights.

Gays, women, Buddhists, Jews, etc., do have human rights that can be offended only when white supremacists do the offending. When radical Muslims are doing the offending, gays, women, Jews, etc., can just get a thicker skin.

It's B.S., of course. It's an excuse made up out of thin air -- there is no such jurisprudence. The rejection is tarted up to look official, or rooted in some sort of rule of law. But it's not. It's raw politics. In the politically correct war of censorship that the CHRC wages on Canadians, Muslims are exempt from the law (as are Tamils, Sikhs and even Jews).

ht: SDA: Canadian Human Rights Commission Ruling Gives OK To "Exterminate The Gays"

hat are the HRCs, if not sugarcoated jackbooting fronts for the fascistically revolutionary, racist, Christianophobic Hard Left (they call themselves "progressives" and their agenda "progressive")?

Again, we witness the submission of the Hard Left to Islam, and its abandonment of the human rights of everyone else.

What'd I say? That the Hard Left is dangerous? Well, aren't they, saying that a certain kind of person is allowed to incite murder against people on the basis of their being members of "identifiable groups"?

Rather like when Hitler decided that it was ok for "Aryans" to incite hatred and murder against others...

Oh, just listen to the silence of the gays now, in the face of this frightening development... for they wouldn't dare anger the Muslims by protesting against the hateful "Human Rights" Commission, who has declared that gays have no human rights and are to be abandoned whenever Muslims say to kill them! Can't blame the gays... they obviously want to stay alive...

Am I being divisive, pitting one group against another? No, I am not. The Muslims and the Hard Left do it all by themselves, and quite well, obviously. I guess they'll effectively force homosexuals and other radical sexual folks to shut up and go back into the closet... gone will be those colorful parades, gone will be those butch dykes on bikes, those flamboyant, skinny male hairdressers and waiters and so on and so forth... and don't be surprised if, one day, all females must dress much more modestly... or else...