Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Opposition's Conspiracy: Is It Treason?

Reader "Antenor" asks in the comments:

I've been asking on a few sites about the legality of conspiring to form a government without the GG approval as is happening at the moment. It was mentioned on CBC last night that the GG had to call the opposition and inquire as to their ability to form a government, this report sited two previous examples. It is my understanding within a Constitutional Monarchy that to conspire without the consent of the Monarch to overthrow Her duly elected and appointed government is an act against the Crown and could constitute treason. Can you or your readers find an answer to this?

Interesting. Definitely worth looking into.

Anyone got anything on that?

It could certainly be interpreted as Antenor describes. Why not? The Left believes in interpreting the BNA Act/Constitution Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to suit its agenda, often via Leftist-radical "judges" whose agenda isn't the law, nor justice, nor the Constitution, nor the Charter, but rather to advance the Left's agenda... illegally and unconstitutionally.

I'm not sure, however, if what we have here is a constitutional monarchy, but the tradition does continue- after all, still having a Governor General to represent the Queen does amount to monarchy, if only symbolically. But even symbolically, if the Opposition is commiting treason, this is still a bad thing and cannot be ignored. For to have treasonous individuals ruling over us as a government is wholly unacceptable to real Canadians, as opposed to agenda-and-revolution-obsessed Leftists who could care less about their country and about other Canadians.

Of course, one has to look at the British constitutional monarchy law specifically.

That said, what the Leftist/Separatist Opposition has been doing and is plotting does feel rather treasonous, and most Canadians, I believe, would agree with that sentiment, notwithstanding what the Constitution may say about it being allowable for a "coalition" to form a govenment in the even that a legitimate, duly-elected governing party is "defeated" in a "non-confidence vote", something that would be phony, actually, as the Opposition has already voted in support of the Throne Speech, which didn't propose any multibilliondollar bailouts/stimulus package.

Indeed, one day voting in favor of the Throne Speech, which contained no bailout/stimulus package promises as demanded by the Leftists, and then shortly thereafter claiming that they don't have confidence in the government after all, having quickly changed their minds for some bizarre reason, flipflopped... is so phony, so dishonest... and so transparently Machiavellian.

It's clear to me that the Leftist Opposition could care less about the economy, a monstrous Keynesian stimulus package, even about the proposed termination of tax subsidies to political parties. What they really want, what their agenda truly is... is to steal power on false pretenses, based on lies, so as to impose the most Hard-Left-Wing agenda upon Canada without democratic consent, without a mandate to do so. This is cheating, plain and simple. This is why it feels treasonous.

They should demand an election as one united party and proceed to detail their proposed agenda to the Canadian People for their acceptance or rejection.

But they won't. Because they know they'd be rejected... big time, and that the Conservatives would end up with a strong majority government once the ballots are counted.