Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Post Number 2,500; Dion Demonstrates His Idiocy, Desperation

Who does this arrogant whiner think he is, telling the Governor General what to do?

I notice that this is my 2,500th post on this blog, incidentally. Thought I'd mention it just FYI.

As for Stephane Dion, the whiny little dweeb of a Liberal "leader" in the picture above, I just learned that he demanded the Governor General deny the Prime Minister's request to prorogue (suspend) Parliament early.

Proroguing is preferable to having the government needlessly overthrown by hard-left-wingers and separatists who seek to impose the most radically left-wing agenda ever onto Canadians without their democratic consent.

Now, let's look at something Dion said about a simple proroguing of Parliament a few days early for the Christmas break:

"an abuse of power on the part of the executive branch that would be unprecedented in the history of Parliament."

Dude, like, look who's talking about abuse. Can't you see that what you are doing is abusive?

Obviously, Dion is desperate. Never has Canada witnessed such sad, pitiful desperation on the part of a political leader.

Dion makes some false assertions:

"You cannot accept this violation of our constitution and this affront to our parliamentary democracy."

Violation of the constitution? Oh? So the Prime Minister may do something that the constitution actually allows, and you call it a "violation of our constitution"? What are you, daft? Or insane? Both, perhaps?

If proroguing Parliament can be, in the delusional mind of Stephane Dion, a violation of the constitution, then it would be perfectly fair to describe his coup d'etat conspiracy with the communists/separatists to overthrow the duly elected government on the grounds of wholly false reasons... a violation of the constitution, too, even though, as written, the constitution does technically permit a "coalition" to possibly "form a government" if the elected one is defeated in a Parliamentary confidence vote... if necessary. Of course, there is no necessity for what the Leftist Opposition is conspiring to do!

Affront to our parliamentary democracy? Again, look who's talking. You, M. Dion, want to overthrow the duly elected government just because you Left-wing extremists want to do so, and without the democratic consent of the Canadian People, with whom you refuse to consult... don't you think that's an affront to democracy? Oh, I see... you said, specifically, "parliamentary democracy". Ah. So... what you want to do is hide behind "parliamentary democracy" to ignore the recent democratic decision of the Canadian People and to refuse to consult with them to request their democratic approval of your so-called "coalition" as their government. I see. This is your agenda, M. Dion. Don't seek democratic consent from the Canadian People. Just hide behind the votes of your "coalition" in Parliament, and that's good enough for you to usurp the legitimately-elected government for the purpose of replacing it and its agenda with your "coalition" and its agenda, which could actually be anything, without limits.

And this is frightening. And it makes the Canadian People angry with you; angrier than they've ever been before at a political leader/party. You should be concerned about this. But I guess you aren't.
Of course, such is the nature of a Leftist. In denial, delusional, etc; that which is inconvenient to you, you ignore...

That said, you just may have started a civil war of some kind in Canada, Monsieur Stephane Dion of France. Exaggerate, do I? Again, look who's talking...