Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yes, Israel Is Defending Herself... Finally, But Only After Seemingly Endless "Restraint"

Graph: Rockets and Mortars Fired From Gaza June – December 2008
Via The Israel Project

See photos of the "Palestinian" attacks and atrocities against Israelis, which led to Israel being forced to take action to defend herself by, yes, unfortunately, destroying enemy compounds and positions which had been deliberately, evilly placed by Hamas terrorists right smack inside predominantly-innocent-civilian areas for the purpose of automatically having civilian casualties along with the "militant" casualties, so that the "Palestinian" propagandists would have pictures and video clips of wounded and dead "Palestinians" to show the international, Big, Corporate, Israel-Bashing, "Palestine"-favoring "Mainstream" Media.

Yes, finally, Israel retaliates for the rocket-mortar attacks on her civilians, originating from the "Gaza Strip", which Israel used to legally own and have settlers upon. Israel, in reaching a hand, in peace, towards "Palestinians", gave them Gaza as a peace offering, hoping it would help convince those brainwashed-by-their-state-apparatus-into-being-prejudiced-and-hateful people that Israel was serious about wanting peace. But what happened was nothing but evil ingratitude on the part of the hateful Hamas terrorists, who immediately turned the peace offering of Gaza from the developed, prosperous, fair and equitable for all regardless of race or religion, area (which Israel made it into) into a still-populated-by-innocent-Muslim-Arab-civilians launching pad for rockets and mortars to be lobbed into Israel to cause terror, maiming and death... just because there happen to be many Jews inside of Israel and just because Israel is a Jewish state and not a Muslim state like the rest of the Middle East. The Islamic terrorists condemned the innocent Muslim civilians of Gaza to a high likelihood of being wounded or killed via Israeli defensive operations in response to the Islamic terrorists' operating their war machines from within the civilian areas. It's all the Islamic terrorists' fault, and the fault of all who support them or their ideology in any way, shape or form, refusing to declare that these Islamic terrorists and their hateful, murderous, supremacistic, imperialistic ideology must be aggressively, relentlessly, universally delegitimized, denormalized, marginalized and rendered out-of-commission, if there is ever to be peace in the Middle East.

How come the newsmedia only makes a big deal when Israel defensively strikes enemy positions and enemies in "Palestine"? How come the newsmedia don't consider it "newsworthy" whenever the "Palestinians" of Hamas/Islamofascist/terrorist orientation attack Israel, be it via rockets, mortars, machine guns, grenades, homicide bombers... even during a "ceasefire" agreed to by the very party that's breaking it?

Why the double standard?

Why is it ok (not-newsworthy) for "Palestinians" to attack, but not ok (newsworthy) for Israel to defend herself against the attacks, to go after those who are perpetrating the attacks?

Does the Big, Corporate, "Mainstream" Media have an agenda consistent with, say, the Hamas Constitution, which declares its intention to destroy Israel?

Why doesn't the Big, Corporate, "Mainstream" Media just report the facts, tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Is it because facts and truth aren't seen as being profitable enough, that they must sensationalize, exaggerate, lie, obfuscate... in order to draw more audience and revenue? Or because the Big, Corporate, "Mainstream" Media might be predominated by anti-Semites?

Inconvenient questions, yes, but they do need to be asked!

So, Big Media, why report on the violence and killing now, when it's been going on for months (by the "Palestinians'" hands) already? Is it only newsworthy to you when the ones commiting the violence are Israelis?