Sunday, December 07, 2008

"Coalition" Leader Dion Blasted By Own People, Likely Finished Now

The Conservative ads were right. You're seeing the proof right before your very eyes now.

HT: National Newswatch.

Emphasis mine...

Botched statement brings divisions between staff, advisers to the forefront

Just as his request for retakes in a television interview damaged St├ęphane Dion in the last election campaign, his tinkering with the script of his televised address to the nation last week could cost him the leadership of the Liberal-NDP coalition.


They are upset that Mr. Dion's office has fingered Liberal videographer Mick Gzowski for blame. Mr. Gzowski is the son of the late CBC radio icon, Peter Gzowski. His wife has worked as a language coach for Mr. Dion.

Sources familiar with the taping say that Mr. Dion's office put Mr. Gzowski and others working on the video in an impossible position by failing to begin work on the video until after 6 p.m. on Wednesday, when it was supposed to run on network TV shortly after Mr. Harper's 7 p.m. address.

The video arrived so late at the networks that CTV wasn't able to play it on its main channel.
See? The Conservatives were right about Stephane Dion. Stephane Dion is just like Mr. Bean! No wonder Canadians rejected him as a potential PM in the last election.

One must wonder about the Leftist "coalition" he decided to join and lead. With judgement like his, plus the fact that the other Parties are the loony-silly NDP and the grumpy old separatist Bloc...

Obviously, he simply saw the "coalition" as a way to cheat to become Prime Minister, seeing as he couldn't get elected as such. Probably saw the "coalition" as no more than a mere vehicle to get him into 24 Sussex Drive. No matter- the "coalition" is a stupid, dangerous idea at any rate. Just look at the member parties: The crooked Librano$ who gave us ADSCAM, the lunatic-Leftist NDP and the hellbent-on-breaking-up-Confederation Bloc. They're all Leftists, and we know what that means if they are to somehow manage to cheat their way into executive power. They would NOT be "moderate", and anyone who assumes they would is ignorant, for the NDP will make communistic demands and the Bloc has already demanded a mob-like protection cash payment of over a billion dollars for Quebec, to which the others agreed. The Liberals? They just care about power, money, and themselves and their cronies, families and friends, to hell with Canada and Canadians.

'foregone conclusion' he'll quit soon

Yesterday, senior party sources said it is a "foregone conclusion" that he will step aside by Christmas to allow the Liberals to move quickly to replace him if an election is called in early 2009.

Dion has reportedly been resisting suggestions that he should resign his post for the good of the party, but it appears increasingly likely that the pressure to do so at the Liberal caucus meeting in Ottawa on Wednesday will prove irresistible.

Rest assured I'll be continuing my coverage and commentary of this screwed-up mess created by the power-mad Leftist Opposition. Because it's very important.