Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fmr. Clinton Prosecutor Ken Starr To Help Defend Prop. 8 Vote

Story here.

Good for him.

I can't believe there are actually people going to court to overturn the democratic will of the People.

Talk about tyranny of the minority.

There are people out there who think they're entitled to change the world to suit their ideology, notwithstanding democracy. And notwithstanding the Constitution.

Such people have a terrorist arm as well as legal-political and propaganda arms.

And they would (and actually did), after losing a democratic vote which they never challenged in court until after they lost it, turn into fascists, thugs, racists, bigots, minority-bashers and would-be murderers.

And they call themselves "gay" and have been lecturing everyone about "tolerance" all these decades? What could possibly be more absurd?

I'm afraid the jig is up. They've finally, after decades of pretending to be nice, normal, non-bothersome-towards-anyone citizens "who just happen to be 'gay'", exposed their true selves.

Does the militant homosexual movement really speak for and serve the interests of ordinary people who simply want to be left alone to pursue a certain kind of chosen, unconventional lifestyle and aren't interested in imposing it onto others? I don't think so.

Moderate homosexuals, and I know there are many, well, I doubt that they approve of the extremism and dangerous incitements of those militants who claim to speak for them. I certainly hope they don't approve of those dangerous, hateful extremists who claim, hopefully wrongly, to represent the views of all homosexuals everywhere.

I think it's time to marginalize these extremists just like the "white-supremacist" skinheads and neo-Nazis have been marginalized, precisely because they're violently intolerant and a threat to society and to vulnerable minorities and because they don't care about the Constitution, the law or democracy, as those are all inconvenient to their supremacist agenda.