Tuesday, December 02, 2008

CTV Poll: Tories: 65% Leftists 35%. Over 33,000 Votes Cast.

No kidding.

And here's the cool part- that's with over 33,000 votes cast!!!


Who would you prefer to govern the country?

The Conservatives
21438 votes (65 %)

The NDP-Liberal coalition
11640 votes (35 %)

Total Votes: 33078

Damn... that's a LOT of votes. You know those polls, like Ekos, Gallup, Ipsos-Reid, etc...? They normally only survey about 2,000 folks and are considered accurate within about 3 percentage points.

So... Let's demand an ELECTION!

Let's dare the Leftists to face the Canadian People with their proposal.

That's right: On the ballot card, there should be two squares for your "X":

One for the Conservatives, and one for the Leftist coalition.

Of course, the Leftist coalition will not dare go to an election with this stupid, dangerous idea of theirs. That's why they're going to do it without democratic consent, just go ahead and take power, just like that, and do whatever the hell they want to Canada, with the separatist Bloc Quebecois calling the shots!

I think that's the end of the Liberal Party of Canada, perhaps... This time they may very well have shot themselves in the head rather than the foot, probably 'cause their feet are so full of holes already as to make a swiss cheese look frickin' solid!

All of a sudden Canadians finally awaken, shocked into seeing cold, hard reality, and support the Conservatives by almost two-thirds over the Hard Left.

Wow! Just a short while later I check back on the same poll and see that it's now up over 35,000 votes, with the exact same percentage distribution as earlier!

Holy shee-it!!!