Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Doesn't Matter What He Says...

...The Left will always, always, always condemn him, period, even if it means flipflopping on their own recent position!

Remember when, during the election campaign, Harper said that there wasn't so far any evidence of any serious economic malaise, and that there was no reason to panic and that his government had already taken measures to pre-emptively deal with a possibly approaching economic downturn?

Back then, the Leftists screamed bloody murder, saying Harper was delusional, in denial, didn't care at all...

Now that Harper sees that things have changed since then and he's admitting that, yes, it certainly seems that there are now serious economic pressures at hand, the very same people condemn him for "talking down the economy"!

Can you believe those asses? When he talked UP the economy, they demanded that he talk it DOWN instead! Now look at them screaming at him for "talking it down"... they're mad; simply mad!

No matter what you say, no matter what you do, when you're in government, your political opponents will condemn you for it, no matter what. And if you change your position, they'll change theirs as well, just so they can scream at you and call you bad stuff.

Same thing happened with the environmental file. Nothing the Harper Conservatives have done could ever please those Leftist Opposition nutcases, who don't have any better ideas, or ideas at all, themselves!

Of course, it's easier to scream at the guys who are actually doing the right things or trying their best to do so... than to be on the other side.

To be Prime Minister, one must have a skin so thick as to pretty much protect oneself from a blast from a nuclear explosion, which seems to come from the Leftist Opposition every bloody day, as they think Canadians are going to be impressed to see them screaming, whining, condemning, carrying on brainlessly like that...

What, does the Leftist Opposition actually think that the majority of Canadians, the mainstream, are as stupid as they are? Looks that way to me, if they think we won't notice that they've flipflopped a total 180 just so they could scream at PM Harper some more!