Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hypocritical Separatist Duceppe Complains Of Alleged 'Frogs' Comments

The hypocritical, hypersensitive separatist bigwig Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc Quebecois, the protector of the Liberal-NDP "coalition" of Hard-Left subversives, hypocritically complains of what he claims are hurt feelings, alleging some folks called him a "frog", while he's hardly famous as the poster old fart of tolerance for others' differences.

This article, in French, basically has Duceppe whining about some alleged Conservatives allegedly hurting his feelings, allegedly calling him a "frog". Whether he's telling the truth is the question, and until he provides proof, we'll naturally have to take this lying, cheating, Communist-separatist-anti-Catholic-bigot's word with a grain of salt.

A rough translation of what Duceppe claimed, via an online computer-generated literal translator:

Some people even found that they were too soft with the conservatives, further to the insults which they threw us in Chamber and that Harper let through. It is horrible what took place this week. They treated us as band of baboons, as idiots' band. They heard the frog word of the mouth of the conservative deputies. And Natives of Quebec who assemble as conservatives accepted this of their colleagues without saying a word? It is terrible.

So that's what he alleged. One can get the gist of it even though the computer-generated literal translation sounds like Stephane Dion speaking English.

Well, he's not in a postition to complain about alleged bigotry.

Because he is a bigot himself. What do you expect from a Communist atheist Christianophobe hellbent on the breakup of the Canadian Confederation, not caring that Quebeckers already voted twice to stay within the Confederation?

He calls Catholics "those people"(!!!). As a Catholic myself, I'm offended by this guy, who has never apologized for his hatemongering against Catholics for political gain via inciting Quebeckers' dark side of their humanity, and getting away with it, thanks to the Hard-Left mainstream media, which submits to separatists as well as to Islamic fascists, often covering up or severely minimizing coverage of the scary stuff they say and do so as to hide their true nature from the People.

And he still has the unmitigated gall to get his panties in a wedgie over being referred to as an amphibian?

Well, he deserves to be called a lot worse than a "frog". How about "snake"? How about "skunk"? How about "shrew"? How about "rat"?

Or how about as an aspect of anatomy whose function is to serve as an outlet for the body's solid and gaseous waste and a conduit via which a doctor can perform a prostate examination on male humans?

Because he's hardly got a halo over his head. He's not exactly the nicest person, himself.

I suspect he might be making up these "frogs" accusations as a hoax to whip up separatist fervor so as to advance his real agenda of breaking up the Canadian Confederation. He wants to pit Quebeckers against the Prime Minister and the rest of Canada to advance his political agenda.

It sounds to me like Duceppe is just spewing lies and propaganda. After all, he's a Communist and a separatist. Spewing lies and propaganda is as natural for them as it is for the likes of Russia's Putin-Medvedev puppet show and the likes of the Chinese Communist Party...

M. Duceppe, stop your lies!

ht: National Newswatch