Thursday, December 04, 2008

Leftist Coup's Liberal Members, Leader Muck Up Response To PM's Address

Top and center: The three usurpers and the flag as it may look under their illegitimate, Hard-Left, "progressive" regime, if they succeed in stealing power to impose their unwanted, non-democratically-vetted agenda

Bottom: What's really going on with those fools. I think the guy in the middle is Liberal "leader"/Putsch spokesman/illegitimate-prime-minister-wannabe Stephane Dion...

What do you expect, anyway? We're talking about the Liberals... we know they don't have it together at all.

They make the Three Stooges look competent.

these Hard-Left guys are conspiring with their Hard-Left comrades, the NDP, and the also-Hard-Left, plus separatist, to boot, Bloc, to overthrow the duly-elected Prime Minister and his government and become government themselves without having to go through the inconvenience and expense of asking for the Canadian Peoples' consent in an election.

Is this what the likes of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc mean when they say they and their agenda (hidden, of course, we know full well) are "progressive"? This is "progressive"? Overthrowing the government for no apparent valid reason other than the one they refuse to admit: To illegitimately steal power to impose the most Hard-Left-Wing of all time upon non-consenting, angry-at-not-being-consulted-for-their-vote Canadians...

It's been suggested, you know, that Stephane Dion is a part of this because he figures that if he cannot get elected Prime Minister, then he'll take power some other way. This way. Do you want this bumbling fool of an idiot to rule over you without democratic legitimacy?

Via email (thanks, O.H.- and I'm honored to get forwarded the same email as was sent to CTV's Mike Duffy):

On the Globe Roundtable of the Globe and Mail Tuesday, Ed Greenspon had John Manley as a guest. Ed Greenspon wondered if an election is called before the Liberal convention, this might mean that Dion would again lead the Liberals, and Greenspon opined "Maybe that is what Dion wants" John Manley replied "I'm not sure he would have any candidates to run with him" What an endorsation from the former Liberal cabinet minister John Manley of the next Prime Minister(Dion) this co-alition is proposing - incredible.

John Manley also told Greenspon, that although his name was bandied about in the press, as one of the wise men of a blue ribbon panel of economic advisors, he said "I haven't agreed to do anything in spite of the stories and photos in the newspaper" and he continued "I have no idea what role this panel would have, who it would advise, and under what circumstances, how it relates to differnet ministries, and if Prime minister Dion really wants it." It appears the co-alition was selling Canadians a bill of goods, about all their grandiose plans, and dropping names of people who were never consulted.
You know, this "coalition" reminds me of the (ill-fated/fatally-flawed) Bricklin sportscar story. To make the long story short, it's (the car, but also, obviously the "coalition") fatally flawed due to wholly incompetent leadership, despite all the hype. While a bunch of those gullwinged sportscars were produced, they're universally understood to be lemons. Oh, and, by the way, it also left the taxpayers of New Brunswick on the hook, and, I understand, the Bricklin dude planned, following the car's demise, to go to Ottawa to make his case for another grandoise concept... kind of like the Liberals, NDP and Bloc are planning to take their own Bricklin to the Governor General, accompanied by a hard, aggressive sales pitch...

I hope Michaelle Jean doesn't fall for the Leftist Stooges' Bricklinian gobbleddygook, if they make it to Rideau Hall.