Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daring To Hope: NB Pushes Forward With Real Healthcare System Reforms

This is promising!

A step in the right direction!

Cut what doesn't do anything to facilitate healthcare, and make more efficient and effective whatever can be made so by allowing private-sector involvement in the delivery thereof while still keeping it publicly funded.

Who can argue against this?

I only hope the Hard Left and the mainstream media don't try to derail these critically-required reforms with the usual Hard-Left nonsense, gobbleddygook, dogmatic bullcrap and propaganda.

Maybe this Liberal (yes, believe it or not, it's a Liberal one!!!) government of New Brunswick has quit drinking the same old kool-aid that's been standard fare for far too long for governments in Canada and is finally sobering up and smelling the coffee of reality.

Of course, only a Liberal government could do this. If it was a Conservative government, the Hard Left wouldn't let them take credit for smart reforms that make life better for everyone... in fact, the Hard Left would do everything in its power to stop the reforms, using the standard demonization and dishonesty tactics for which they're infamous. Obviously only the Left is allowed to do formerly-politically-suicidal things that simply have to be done and can't wait any longer. Oh, well, what does it matter to whom the Big Media gives the credit, as long as the reforms work?