Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Palin Church Fire Was Arson, With Accelerant

Clearly, this is what ought to be deemed a "hate crime".

Clearly, Christians are increasingly becoming victims of hate crimes.

The state apparatus must, therefore, take action to crack down on haters who would attack Christians out of hatred for them.

But will it? Are not all minority groups equal? Are not all minority groups entitled to equal protection under law?

After all, if it had happened at a Mosque or a "gay" bar, don't you think that spokespersons for the vandalized building would declare it a "hate crime"? Ditto the mainstream, corporate media? And wouldn't we see a lot of political and media discussion of "doing something" about "hatred and violence directed against" the groups in question?

Who cares about Christians, anyway? Who cares that we vulnerable minority group members are under attack by cowardly, hateful extremists?

Is Christian-bashing acceptable?

Where's all the media, school classroom and legislature discussion of this kind of hatred and violence? Doesn't society care? Does society just want to pretend it isn't happening? Why? Is it because certain other minority groups, or militant Left-Wing extremists are perpetuating the hatred and violence, therefore it's ok?

Christians should be allowed to feel equally safe and secure, and included, not excluded, from society, as they go about their lives, whilst believing as they wish. It must be made repeatedly clear that attacking Christians in any way is unacceptable and intolerable, just as attacking any other vulnerable minority group is unacceptable and intolerable. So whenever and wherever in society, be it in schools, in the media, etc, issues are discussed with respect to "hatred" and violence against, say, "GLBTs", Muslims, etc., we must also ensure that Christians are included equally in the discussion, and that hatred and violence against them be equally condemned.

But I doubt that the Hateful Hard Left will agree. They seem to believe that Christians are some kind of immensely powerful, monolithic, oppressive, tyrannical majority group with the ability and desire to put anyone and everyone under their thumb at any time. Wonder how on earth such a bizarre, delusional impression came to exist in their minds? Brainwashing via Goebbelian propaganda by hateful Left-Wing propagandists?

...end of rant. Thank you for reading! Back to Christmas preparations now...