Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Breaking Point Was Passed

Who can blame Israel? What did the reasonable person expect them to do, given the circumstances?

Watch the video.

And wonder why the Big Corporate "Mainstream" NewsMedia report with such unmitigated bias in headlining and in photographic sensationalism.

Why didn't Big Media sensationalize the ongoing rocket-launching-into-Israel of rockets by Hamas, when it was happening? Wasn't it newsorthy? Didn't the Big Media think that the People wanted to know that "Palestinians" were attacking, unprovoked, Israel and innocent Israelis, all the time, despite a supposed "ceasefire"? Why not have big headlines and sensational pictures depicting death, destruction and despair each and every time a Hamas rocket destroyed a school, a factory, a hospital, killed a child, a woman, a baby, left a family fatherless/motherless?

For what it's worth... the following must be asked aloud, not just mused to oneself:

What is the agenda of Big Media? Are they controlled by the dangerously hateful Muslim Brotherhood? Are the owners of the Big Media directly or indirectly on the take from the Muslim Brotherhood? Whose money is involved? The Saudis' ? Why else, besides for money, would they be so blatantly biased and bigoted? Why is Big Media so corrupt, unethical and immoral when it comes to, among other things, Middle East reporting?

Why does the Big Media hate Israel so much? Why does the Big Media want to demonize Israel so much? Why does the Big Media want to help hateful "Palestinian" Muslims like Hamas push Israel into the sea, wipe her out, wipe her off the map, destroy her? Why?

Is it because Israel is Jewish? Is it because they need a convenient scapegoat to blame for all kinds of problems, someone to blame and bash in vain? Who do they think they are to be piling on the innocent, peaceful, tolerant, perpetually-suffering, Jewish Israel like they do... do they see themselves as a sort of Hitler wannabe?