Monday, December 01, 2008

What Islam Must Do- But Won't: Expert

Article here.

Of course, there is one thing they could do about that that would actually begin to make people think better of Islam, but no one even whispers anything about doing it in this article or anywhere else. Imams could begin to saturate mosques and madrassas with the message that jihad warfare is never justified, that the imperative to subjugate unbelievers under the rule of Islamic law must be decisively rejected, and that peaceful coexistence as equals with unbelievers is to be maintained indefinitely. If Islamic clerics stopped talking about conquering Europe and America, and began to teach the opposite, things might begin to improve. If Muslim leaders worldwide energetically pronounced takfir upon -- that is, declared to be non-Muslim -- all those who maintained belief in the Qur'an's literal words of warfare, and in the traditional Islamic doctrines regarding jihad warfare (whether hot war or otherwise), and upon anyone who wished to impose Shari'a upon unbelievers by whatever means and at whatever speed, and if those leaders demonstrated their sincerity by actions instead of mere words, informed non-Muslims might begin to think better of Islam.

But these things will not happen. They're not even on the table. Instead, many of the same people quoted in this article work to brand any non-Muslim who points out the ways in which jihadists use Islamic texts and teachings to justify violence and supremacism as a "bigot" or a "racist." And that in itself, however effective a tactic it may be among the ignorant and easily intimidated, is revealing.

No doubt... the Islamic community continues to shoot itself in the foot. And it's their own fault. They think that they have nothing to apologize for, nothing to change, that the problem is always with the "Kaffirs" (non-Muslims). They're wrong, and this is why there will continue to be a growing opposition to Islam and justifiable suspicion (can't stop suspicion, even if some liberal fascists can bully people for speaking the inconvenient truth) of Muslims by those who think for themselves and cannot be brainwashed by those in denial of reality, nor intimidated by the likes of the CAIR, which is an illegitimate, criminal, terroristic organization, an offshoot of Hamas, itself an offshoot of the supremacist, imperialist Muslim Brotherhood.

It's not the fault of the non-Muslim community. The Muslims need to look into the mirror to see who's responsible for their faith's image problems, problems which can only be resolved by accepting the truth and acting to right the wrongs within Islam.

The truth is the truth, and nothing will change that.