Wednesday, October 18, 2006

German Jews Facing 1933 Redux

Examining broken glass in front of a Jewish-owned business in Nazi-ruled Germany

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Nazi soldiers tormenting a man just because he was Jewish

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A Synagogue going up in flames, set afire by Nazis

It's happening again.

Story here. h/t: WND

(Emphasis mine)

LIFE for Jewish people in Germany has become reminiscent of the 1930s, a community leader claimed yesterday, after figures showed the number of neo-Nazi hate crimes had increased by 50 per cent in two years.
Charlotte Knobloch, the president of the Central Council of Jews, warned: "Anyone who still talks in terms of unfortunate one-off incidents is failing to grasp a danger facing the whole of society. The aggression has become reminiscent of 1933."
That was when Hitler began a boycott of Jewish businesses and his stormtroopers unleashed their reign of terror - beatings and threats - that ultimately led to the Holocaust.
A German foreign ministry spokesman said: "It is a problem we must face now if we are to preserve Germany's image abroad and its chosen multi-cultural path at home. The situation as it stands is simply intolerable."
Indeed the situation cannot be allowed to stand as it is. This anti-Semitism and other forms of intolerance is unacceptable.
Yet it's worsening. And the left's increasing hatred of Israel and of Jews in general is only throwing gasoline onto the fire. And then there's the Islamofascists... who, historically have aligned directly with the Nazis, owing to their shared "blame the Jews" delusionality.
Unfortunately, the world seems to not have learned from the history of the preceding century.
The world apparently doesn't know the meaning of the words, "Never Again".
When will people stand up and shout, "Enough! Stop now!"?
I'm waiting to hear from all who claim to be tolerant of those who are different and who aren't threatening anyone at all. The Jewish people are innocent. They are always being wrongly blamed for others' failings and problems. The Nazis blamed the Jews for Germany's problems. The Muslims and Arabs and the leftists blame Israel, the only Jewish state, the only democracy and only human rights-respecting nation in the Middle East, for the problems caused by the tyrannical Islamofascist leaders of Muslim nations, indeed for the failures of the Islamic world which actually stem from the nature of Islam itself. Israel is being attacked all the time for simply existing and for being different. Israel never starts any conflicts; she only exercises self-defence when attacked. Is that so hard to see and understand? And Jews all over the world are being persecuted. Anti-Semitism is a fad amongst left-wing extremists everywhere in the world and governments aren't doing enough to address the problem. Shame!
Why is the world doing everything it can to accommodate and protect the Muslims, who, by their very "religion", are actually required to hate Jews, to wish them dead, indeed to hate everyone who isn't a Muslim... but very little, if anything, is being done to protect Jews from violence?
Islam itself, as is Nazism, is based on intolerance, supremacism and murder. Why is Islam being given preferential treatment all over the world, yet we see anti-Semitic hate crimes in Germany (as well as everywhere in varying degrees) rise by 50% in just two years? In Germany, the last nation one would expect would allow such violence to happen... all over again!
What's wrong with humanity?
As for the "foreign ministry spokesman", what is the German government doing to combat this violence? The report doesn't say. And considering the rate at which the hate crimes are increasing in frequency, it doesn't look like there's any crackdown on neo-Nazism. In Germany or anywhere, except Israel, of course. And much of the world, unfortuntaely, seems to have a hatred for Israel: just look at the way the so-called "United" Nations treats Israel relative to its aggressors!
I say: Let us not tolerate those who are intolerant. That means we must not tolerate people who attack innocents just because they are different and who themselves hold no ideologies of hatred, intolerance or supremacism. Let us fight and stop those who harm innocents. We've done it before... and we'll have to do it again.
It's time to crack down on violent zealots. If we don't, it's going to get infinitely worse. Remember World War Two? We let it happen. Will we let it happen again? Keep in mind that this time the enemy has nuclear weapons. And there's plenty of enemies, some who have promised to literally "wipe us out".
Forgive me if I decline the rose-colored glasses and pink kool-aid. I prefer to look at the world as it actually is, not to pretend all is well in Teletubbyland...

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Anti-Semites break glass at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, to prevent a Jewish man, a former president of Israel, from speaking.