Friday, October 13, 2006

Leftists Use N-word & Other Epithets at Columbia

Above: racist, violent, intolerant-of-free-speech moonbat leftists, acting like a bunch of crazed, warlike monkeys invading a roomful of civilized human beings. Note the raised arms, reminiscent of angry apes...

Hey, all you so-called "liberals"... these are your people!

Story here.

Terrible, shocking, damning-for-leftists highlights:

An African-American member of the Minuteman Project who was harassed and taunted with the "N-word" during a speech at Columbia University has filed police reports as the first step in a lawsuit against the New York City institution.


A video of the chaos at Roone Arledge Auditorium, shot by Columbia University Television, can be seen here.


As an invited guess at Columbia University by Mr. Chris Kulawik, President of the Columbia College Republicans, racial epithets were hurled at me including the N-word. The protesters tried to shout me down, but I was only emboldened to continue speaking.


I was taken aback at what was occurring, and I went into the defense mode. I got up from the table were I was sitting, and as I was getting up, several students jumped on the stage were I was at and placed their hands on me in a threatening manner. By that time, I had withdrawn my pepper spray and pointed it at the face of one the protesters whose hand was upon me, and I spoke the following words to them, "What's your decision?" By that time, they removed their hands from me.

Note that the leftists were NOT peaceful. They were not merely yelling in a disruptive, racist, abusive, uncivilized manner. They literally stormed the stage and actually physically threatened a speaker, trying to silence him, forcing him to assume a defensive position with pepper spray to get them to back off.

See... leftists can be very unlawful. Leftists aren't necessarily afraid to be physically threatening. Leftists can throw the Constitution, the laws and basic, civilized human behavior into the garbage in the name of their own radical, totalitarian, intolerant, supremacistic, imperialistic ideology. And they frequently get away with it.

Is it ok for leftists to be racist and violently censoring of others who have a different point of view and who try to exercise their human right to freedom of expression? Why are so many leftists intolerant of human rights?

Is it ok for leftists to be like this?

I bet the police are going to let them off the hook, as they do the naked gay guys who walk down the street in the name of their ideology... while straight, normal women will be handcuffed and taken away in a police car for simply being topless, minding their own business... even if it's 50 degrees celsius with 100% humidity... this sort of contrast, this submission to left-wing extremism is staggering, to say the least... and this happens in the Free World... in America! Anyone hear of the violent, racist moonbats getting convicted of anything yet for what they did at Columbia?

And don't forget about the Muslims with the horrible, treasonous, racist, violence-inciting, supremacistic, imperialist picket signs... on the streets... in the cities... of the Free World... getting away with it! I did not make this up!

And this isn't an isolated incident. Not by any stretch of the imagination! This blog is rife with proof that leftism is a horrible movement threatening the human race.

Once again, leftists silence free speech they don't like. Reminds me of Kristallnach at Concordia, up here in Canada.

I'm getting truly sick and totally fed up with the left.

Leftists: if you want to have any semblance of credibility, then you, as must the Muslims, must do something about your own people. Put a stop to their inhuman, uncivilized, intolerant, violent, racist attitude and actions! Call for laws against this kind of behavior to be brutally enforced against all, including your own kind! Failure to take action against left-wing extremism will entail that you accept it and are therefore wolf-in-quiet-sheeps'-clothing left-wing extremsits yourselves.

The Sentinel is watching you all. All the time. You aren't safe from my eyes... or my blog posts. I will forever expose you to the light of day, causing screeching moonbats to flee for the cool darkness, unable to tolerate the sunlight of the truth, like vampires...

Just another terrible example of why I always say:

I take no lessons from leftists! Screw the left!