Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What About Islamic Supremacist Families?

Should they be treated the same as this family?

What if Muslim children are discovered to harbor murderously bigoted beliefs, and it's apparent that they received them from their parents?

Should these children be taken away from their evil Islamic supremacist parents, too?

My... but what a difficult question for those who delusionally, closed-mindedly believe that Muslims can do no wrong, ever.

Personally, I don't believe that any parents are fit to be parents if they tell their kids to hate people who are different, just because they're different and supposedly "inferior", and to kill them because of it. In such cases, I believe the state apparatus has a responsibility to remove the children from the malevolently evil parents so as to protect the children, society and minorities from this intolerable evil and potential violence. It's, to me, of the same imperative as is removing children from sexually-abusive households. Hatred indoctrination is obviously child abuse, too. Teaching kids to be evil, supremacist and to kill is immoral and must be cracked down upon, whether the families are so-called "white" or, as the case may be, Muslims, although Islam can and does include "white" families.

I wonder what the "progressives" think? Will they again practice the same old double standard, doublethink, etc.? Will they let one hateful family off the hook but not the other? And why?

I see that the Globe and Mail, which reports this story, has chosen to delete ALL the comments under the report. Interesting. A very controversial subject. Unfortunately, there's lots of uncivil folks on all sides who poison the debate with falsehoods and so on. Unfortunate. But if it was a TV news report, I'm sure they'd have enough editing-room control to present the comments they wanted to present, excluding evidence of those they don't like. Of course. But then, of course, the comments they present wouldn't demonstrate what's actually going through the minds of various folks. Censorship, eh? Why not expose the haters rather than pretending they don't exist? So what if exposing the haters might offend some due to what is said? If we don't expose them, well, who's going to believe those who go around saying that there's haters all over the place when we don't see it happening for ourselves?

I'd suggest that the Globe and Mail publish all examples, without discriminating amongst them, of the vile comments they don't like, so that the People can see and judge for themselves independently. Why not do this? Refusal to do this suggests a desire to just tell the People who's "hateful" and who's not, without letting the People see and judge for themselves.

Like most folks will judge the family in question to be vile and hateful.

The poor little girl has been brainwashed into hating people who are different and into believing that they must be murdered, just like most "Palestinian" children are so brainwashed. No difference!

I also believe, furthermore, that the international community ought to intervene, certainly at the very least to stop giving money to Hamas and Fatah, in "Palestine" to put a stop to the entrenched, institutionalized, culturally-imperative hatemongering and incitement to murder, as it's obvious that allowing it to continue only makes things worse within the "Palestinian" population. And makes it less and less likely over time that peace will be achieved without war.

ht: NNW