Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Inconvenient Informercial: Big Headache For Obama Regime

Coming soon to America if the Hard, Ideologically-Stubborn, Dogmatic, Mean-Spirited, Selfish Left gets its way: Canadian-style socalized medicine. People suffer and die while waiting. I did NOT make this up. I know. I've seen it. The socialized medicine system can't save all lives, it simply cannot. If it weren't socialized, lives would be saved that wouldn't be saved under socialism. This is my conclusion from personal experience.


Yes, it's the same guy as was behind the "Swiftboat" ads that exposed former Presidential candidate John Kerry's lies.

Nothing wrong with that. If there's something wrong with that, then what of Obama's ties to ACORN, George Soros,, William Ayers, Jeremy Wright, etc., etc., etc.?

The Obamites are already trying frantically to spread misinformation and fear against this perfectly legitimate, perfectly legal, perfectly constitutional and perfectly rightful infomercial. The brownshirted Soros-Obamite bullies are out in full force to try to silence and censor the inconvenient truth.

It's hard to believe that people (the Left and Obama) who claim to care and to be compassionate would want to force people to suffer, just in the name of the socialist ideology.

The Hard Left wants desperately to take away Americans' rights and freedoms. They don't care if people suffer for however long (months and months and months) or even die, as long as it's all "universal".

Here's part of the infomercial's message:

"As Congress looks for solutions inside the Washington Beltway, we plan to go straight to the family rooms of America to let people see the very real consequences of letting the government take over their health care decisions," Scott said in a statement.

"This documentary will educate people on what 'government-run health care' really means: stalling, waiting lists and rationing and withholding care because of red tape, politics, and bureaucratic foot-dragging."

The infomercial, Scott said, features sick patients from Canada and the United Kingdom forced into long waits for surgeries and forced to come to the U.S. for treatment.

"We'll continue sounding the alarm bell and won't rest until we're sure the freedoms and rights of patients' are protected," Scott said.

Oh, and Canada's most radically left-wing extremist political leader, Jack Layton, is involved in the whole Obamite socialist plot to turn America's medical system into the likes of what only Canada, Cuba and North Korea have. Jack Layton. The wacko neo-commie of Soviet Canuckistan!

That's right, America... Obama wants to import Canadian-style bureaucratic red tape, waiting lines and medical rationing to America!

Americans must stop this. Even though the Hard Left now has practically unopposable power. You must protest! You must call your representatives! You, the People, can stop these extremists from destroying your way of life! Yes you can stop them! Have the audacity to stop the change!