Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obama Notre Dame 'Honor' Already Hurting University

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ht: WND

According to organizers of, a Web site critical of Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins' decision to host President Obama, more than 1,400 pledges have been received from alumni and donors promising to withhold future donations, a tally of nearly $14 million.

"Most of the donors were at least loosely aware of the university's trend away from its Catholic identity," spokesman David DiFranco said in a press release issued on Tuesday. "But the invitation of President Obama to speak and to receive an honorary degree, combined with the weak responses presented by Father Jenkins as a defense to those (who) have criticized the decision, is what drives most alumni to our site."

In "nearly all cases," DiFranco said, alumni who contacted the group had already decided to cease donating.

Apparently, godlessness is financially devastating.

Unless, of of course, Obama directs some of the imaginary "stimulus/bailout" cash to Notre Dame to make up for the shortfall. In which case, he'd blackmail the University into becoming an Extreme Left-Wing indoctrination center or else forget about any money. Hell, he's doing something very similar to that to California, saying there'll be no stimulus injection unless California abandons some of its more effective measures to slash its deficit. Yep, Obama's so crazy he's actually telling Arnold what to do and what not to do. I guess Arnold's going to be pussying out rather than be himself (he hasn't been himself since becoming a politician, an incompetent RINO "governator" with the Ultra-Leftist Kennedys' hands always up his ass, much like Obama always has George Soros's hand up his own).

But, of course, Notre Dame wouldn't be bailed out for long, as Obama won't be President for more than four years, if that (he could be impeached after two years, when Americans will have a chance to terminate the stranglehold of the Democrats on the House and Senate).