Monday, May 25, 2009

Ignatieff Liberals Occupy 6 Handicapped Parking Spots

Here we go again with Liberal entitlement!

ht: NNW

Yesterday, national Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff spoke at the Dartmouth Sportsplex arena to shore up support for provincial Liberal Party leader Stephen McNeil. I was downstairs in the gym.

When I left, there was the Liberal Party van parked sideways across six handicap parking spaces, with cones and ribbons around it lest any handicapped driver get any ideas.

I remember another incident in which Liberal Sheila Copps had been caught with her limo parked in a handicapped spot in front of a Saint John, N.B., hospital. I even saw her on the news, being caught and asked what she was doing. She pretended she had no idea what was going on, grinned and took off. That was during the '97 election.

Caring and compassionate, right? The Liberals? Really?

Well, maybe. But only as long as it's not inconvenient for them. In case of inconvenience, just take whatever's convenient, to hell with everyone else, even the less fortunate. Typical Liberals.

Speaking of Liberals, while I'm talking about them, here's the latest:

Liberals Run Out Of Steam, Tories Regain Lead: Poll

Funny article, with Mr. Bricker calling Ontario, where the Conservatives have pulled ahead, a "toilet seat".

Obviously, the Liberals' and leader Ignatieff's momentum has finally ended. Poor guys are out of gas. Hope they're CAA members.

Funny how Warren Kinsella said just yesterday on CTV's Question Period that the Liberals are "whipping" the Conservatives. I guess the poor old dude's delusional. It's clearly the other way around, pal!

Better grab a bunch of stuffed animals from your gym bag, then. Worked once before; might work again. Go for broke, what've ya gotta lose, man? Whose faith will you make fun of this time?