Monday, May 25, 2009

Powell Persists Panning Republicans With Propaganda

This guy is full of it and he's astonishingly overeager to share his excesses with everyone.

He doesn't even bother to try to make the case for his outrageous suggestions.

He's just being used, and is throwing away his hard-earned credibility just so that he can advance his career by toeing the Democratic Party line (or kissing up to George Soros, in other words).

He's effectively helping to advance Communist goals for America by trying to fool Republicans and conservative voters into believing the Big Lie that America is not conservative anymore and has become Communist.

The Extreme Left is so lucky to have such a great spokesman with so much political capital to shill for them.

But one must wonder as to Colin Powell's sanity at this point.

Supporting Obama? Has he lost his mind or what?

What on earth does he mean by saying that the GOP should be "more inclusive"?

I'd say they should be more inclusive for more conservatives, not fewer.

Why bother to try to be a Democrat-lite party? What good would that do? The majority of Americans are NOT left-wing. They're "right-wing". Really.

Powell's just going around spewing cliched, overused, hard-left-wing talking points. One can only roll one's eyes and wonder what's happened to him.

Powell has it wrong when he claims that the GOP has been moving further to the "right". We conservatives know that the opposite is true. Right? We've been lamenting this for a long time now, right? Lamenting how leftist Bush was. Lamenting how indifferentiable McCain was from the Democrats.

So why have the Republicans lost all this support?

Simple. Real conservatives now see little or nothing to support in the Republican Party. So they don't say they'd vote Republican. Why should they? They don't feel that the Party any longer represents them and what they believe in and want. So they're gone as supporters and voters, at least until the Party gets its crap together again.

And the Democrats see an opportunity to try to destroy the Political Right by destroying the raison d'etre of the Republican Party.

And using Colin Powell, of all people, to run their propaganda campaign for them, to be their frontman on the B.S. line, is pure genius.

Please, my Republican friends in America, don't listen to him. He's lying to you because he's a career opportunist who decided to take a gamble on the guy who seemed to be winning. Now that his guy won, he's trying so hard to please him, suck up and so on. He's not a conservative, at least not anymore, if he ever was one.