Friday, May 22, 2009

Devastating Legal Blow To Abortion-Industrial Complex

And to the ultra-extremist Soros-Obama Agenda.

Story here.

The constitutionally-guaranteed right to freedom of thought, belief, religion and conscience has been upheld, for now, against the massive, powerful, evil, money-obsessed Abortion-Industrial Complex.

I guess the psychotic abortionism extremists are going to start with the suicide bombing, now...

A pro-life nurse has won a victory for the conscience rights of health care providers at the Louisiana state Supreme Court which has sent her complaint over religious discrimination down the path towards a trial.

"Toni provided St. Tammany Parish Hospital with options that would have accommodated both her fulltime position and their wish to distribute the morning-after abortion pill," Arabie said. "Instead, the hospital chose to engage in discrimination based on her courageous commitment to the unborn. We are hopeful that the hospital will change course, do what's right for a dedicated nurse and her constitutional rights, and discontinue the need for any further litigation."


The ADF noted that the Louisiana legislature, in the meantime, has launched an effort to protect such conscience rights.

H.B. 517, which would protect those individuals from retaliation when they exercise their right not to participate in medical procedures such as abortions that violate their religious beliefs, just days ago passed the state House of Representatives and now heads to the Senate. Also awaiting Senate approval, after overwhelming approval by the House, is H.B. 340, a constitutional amendment that would protect religious liberty rights from violation by the government, the ADF said.

The abortionism extremists must be gasping and fainting in shock and disbelief at this. Betcha they didn't see this coming. These death-obsessed folks, you see, they're so horribly delusional that they believe that they represent the vast majority of the People's views, when such delusion couldn't be further from the truth, as now a majority of the People are OPPOSED TO ABORTION.

And the People will be voting more and more for pro-life politicians as opposed to those who wouldn't fight the murdererously profitable Abortion-Industrial Complex.

Can you say "precedent"? All it takes is judges who actually do their gosh-darned job and respect the constitutional rights of the People!

The death-cultist Left is going to be whining, stamping its feet and eventually get itself straitjacketed. Eventually the DHS, after the dethroning of the current neo-Communist regime, will have to deem abortionists to be threats to national security to be subject to surveillance by the state wherever they may pursue their subversive activities.