Monday, May 18, 2009

G&M Article Goes All DHS-Fascist Over Legislation

This article is obviously written by an Ultra-Left-Wing Extremist propagandist without a clue as to what was being written.

CALGARY -- A bill that has raised the spectre of Alberta parents hauling teachers before human rights tribunals is an offensive attempt to placate ultra right-wing conservatives, says the man whose legal crusade forced the province to rewrite its human rights legislation.

"Ultra right-wing conservatives"??? Whatever does that mean? Ah, who cares? It's just a tired old ultra left-wing "progressive" propaganda talking point. Ho-hum. No new ideas, just the same old same old? No new attack phrases? You guys are pathetic.

This weekend, Alberta's teachers slammed proposed new rules that would give parents sweeping rights to pull kids from classes on touchy subjects, and be notified in advance when lessons focus on religion, sexuality or sexual orientation.

Well, we see, in America, that parents have had or are having their rights taken away by the state apparatus, and their children are being exposed to unnecessary mandatory curricula, including extensive brainwashing with respect to such ideologies as homosexuality and Islam.

Canadian parents don't want to have this happen in Canada, too.

The new measures were included as part of Bill 44, which enshrines gay rights in the province 11 years after they were imposed by the Supreme Court of Canada in a case that caused an ugly backlash in Alberta. In an interview yesterday, Alberta Culture and Community Spirit Minister Lindsay Blackett admitted that the provincial caucus wrote the school provisions into the bill as an olive branch to religious groups and conservative voters who might be offended by the province's move to codify gay rights.

Why should homosexual extremists and militants be exclusively, specially allowed to impose their ideological dogma upon peoples' children against their wishes? They shouldn't and must not!

If there's concerns about teachers potentially getting hauled before the "Human Rights" Commissions, well, I would ask: How many cases are there in which conservative folks like myself hauled Left-Wing Extremists before those fascist, rights-robbing star-chamber kangaroo kourts we so revile and which we know won't give us the time of day because they hate us for being "ultra right-wing conservative"? Exactly. The fears raised here are nothing but pure phobiamongering, a classic dishonest propaganda tactic frequently implemented by ultra-far-left-wing "progressive" communications specialists.

The legislation must, of course, include provisions that protect the equal rights of those who do not condone the subject matter being imposed by Hard-Left-Winger-dominated school boards to make radically extreme militant homosexuals happy.

The article obviously seems to be on the side of the militantly extreme homosexuals and makes one wonder whether the author believes in equality and the Charter at all, or if he's a Left-Wing Extremist using his paid position in the Media of Mass Deception for the purpose of contributing to radically extreme left-wing social reengineering.

I noticed that commentary was solicited from members of the Leftist Elite who could be expected to pose as "experts" or whatever and add their own propaganda to the article to make a greater impression on readers. What is the value of this, really? Seeking opinions by biased folks? What about just writing that the Alberta government is protecting everyone equally in the bill in question, and leave it at that? We really don't need ivory tower neo-communist elites telling us what to think about what's being reported. But the practice of doing this is continuing.

Of course, "journalists" are really just glorified social-reengineering activists and believe that they're entitled to use the media to propagate their dogma and advance their agenda.

Why the media outlets tolerate this behavior and continue to employ such unprofessional extremists as "journalists"... is very telling about the Media of Mass Deception as a whole.

By the way, Delwin Vriend was fired for not adhering to the reality of the place where he worked, not for the stuff he does at home. But he was lucky to get ultra-left-wing activist judges on his side to rule as he wanted them to rule. And he had the Media of Mass Deception behind him to help brainwash the People into believing Big Lies.

Lost in all of these special interest groups and government departments was Delwin Vriend, the gay teacher who felt he should not have been fired from his job because of his sexual orientation and his employer, the religious school who felt his moral position was objectionable and not suitable for their students who pay princely sums for the privilege of a strict Christian education. Both parties felt they were right and principled. Off went the legal parade with the aforementioned groups climbing aboard the bandwagon at various points along the route.

Just listen to the arrogant propaganda bullshit of Mr. Vriend as he bashes Alberta for not submitting to each and every single one of his arrogant, dogmatic demands:

"It could have shown that Alberta is part of the modern world, that Alberta isn't the far south of the U.S. Unfortunately when we start to talk about being able to pull kids out of class for various reasons, including talk about gays and lesbians or evolution, that definitely points to a very backwards people,"
Is Delwin a big asshole or what? The slurs against Alberta, against America, against others whose rights he wants to take away... What a fecking asshole! Who does he think he is to call people "backwards" for standing up for their rights? What a hypocrite, and a "backwards" one at that, for going around demanding the "right" to push homosexual dogma crap into everyone's faces!

Delwin Vriend is a homosexual supremacist. If you don't agree with him, he'll call you bad names. Kind of like Perez Hilton, also homosexual himself, immaturely and hatefully calling Miss California a "cunt".

I don't belive that anyone should be allowed to work somewhere if they aren't willing to conduct themselves on the job so as to respect the way things work in that workplace. For example, if it's a strictly religious workplace, then all workers must at all times be careful and nuanced so as to not offend the religious sensibilities of others. Delwin Vriend was fired because he arrogantly imposed his deviant lifestyle upon people he knew would feel that the place had suddenly become hostile towards them.

Somehow I wonder if it isn't so much a "gay rights" thing as it is an anti-Christian thing that's going on. After all, it's no secret that there's a lot of hatred, contempt and intolerance amongst "gay" folks with respect to Christianity and devout Christians.

It's also odd that the "gay" militants don't target the Muslims like they target the Christians.