Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will Even Recent Scandal Not Stop Fast, Furious Goosestepping Of Obammunism?

Here's the clowns the American swing voters sent in.
From now on, whenever there's an Obammunist-love-in or a Democratic Party gathering, such as seen in the above undated photograph, I've an excellent idea for the music to be played at such events.
Click HERE to actually download the music to your cellphone or whatever so you can play it within the appropriate context to mock the Obammunist fascist clowns.

Story here.
Rep. Barney Frank want the government to loan $5 billion to a municipal bond insurance business. They have done so well with their partnership with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it just makes perfect sense! Did I mention the interest rate? The US Treasury would receive a 0% return!

Here's a couple more Obammunist clowns...
Better raise your hand for them or they'll think you're a dissident "right-wing extremist", in which case they'll arrest you and take you away via that stupid jalopy in the background!

Oh, and you know what? Where there's clowns, there's often also monkeys! See!

funny-monkeys-i.gif image by fryman04

Unfortunately, sooner or later the fun will come to an end, as it always did with this guy (seen below, in hat, with rifle and terrified simian).

You see, all this brainless disregard for consequences might seem like all fun and games for awhile, but sooner or later, someone'll lose an eye...

11c65618.jpg Monkeys are aways funny. image by condomball00ns