Thursday, May 28, 2009

Liberal Scandal Darling Evicted For Breach Of Contract

Or "Noose Tightens Around Ignatieff's Neck", if you want to annoy Ignatieff's chief propagandist/dirty-attacks pseudo-mastermind Warren Kinsella, who, on Iggy's behalf, is furiously blogging, trying to create and spread conspiracy theories to distract us from the inconvenient truth about the Liberals. Not that anyone's paying any attention to him.

Ruby Dhalla has been evicted from her MP's constituency office for breach of contract.

Ruby Dhalla, who stands accused of being a slavedriving ogre to poor immigrant women.

Ruby Dhalla, the Liberal.

With whom Liberal "leader" Michael Ignatieff continues to stand.

Take notice that Satgur Investments Ltd hereby terminates and forfeits the Lease date 1st day November, 2008, between Satgur Investments Ltd as Landlord, Dr Ruby Dhalla, in capacity as Member of Parliament as Tenant, by reason of contractual default in the Tenant's leasehold improvement maintenance and repair requirements.

Nothing to see here, folks. Right? < /sarcasm >


Looks like somebody got to the landlord. Apparently the eviction has been cancelled for some reason. Interesting...