Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Overexcited Kinsella Tries To B.S., Falls Flat On Face

I see Warren Kinsella's trying to make folks think there's some kind of conspiracy going on.

First, there's the Valpy story in today's Globe, which proves that one of Jason Kenney's new friends has - shall we say - a pattern of making identical allegations against former employers.

Ah, I already posted on that story and found nothing but allegations given to the Big Media and then found that the guy cancelled the press conference with a vague excuse. Gimme a break, Warren.

Really? How many employers? Besides the ONE making hitherto unsubstantiated ALLEGATIONS against the nanny? And how come the guy only just leaked his story to the Big Media and then cancelled his supposedly-planned press conference, to supposedly be held some other day? WHAT PROOF HAS HE SHOWN US that, as you claim, "proves that one of Jason Kenney's new friends has... pattern of making identical allegations against former employers"?

Sorry, Warren, but you're really reaching, here, to something you can't grasp, because there's nothing to grasp. How amateur. You've got nothing to go on but some unseen guy making claims to the media, who, in turn, are only too eager to make a big deal of the claims even though they have no proof.

And you've decided already that he's telling the truth. Interesting. You're sure already?!

Hmm. Did he provide you, personally, with evidence to convince you that he's not lying? Why would he be talking to Warren Kinsella, the master of political dirty tricks and lies? That wouldn't make him look credible, to associate with Ignatieff's attack clown.
But I'm not going to stoop to your level and start engaging in conspiracy theories!

Kinsella links to some Liberal blogger named "Big City Lib" who has a letter from some pro-Dhalla folks which actually seems to imply, without evidence, a conspiracy theory in which the nannies are allegedly being used, manipulated, etc, by someone. Nice going, Warren and BCL, citing conspiracy theorists! Excellent! Make the People think the Conservatives are conspiring with the nannies to discredit Ruby Dhalla! Really? Do you think they'll think this?

Well, it's quite far-out, you must admit, eh? A conspiracy! Between the Conservatives and nannies from Asia!

This is too juicy! This is too sexy!

Call the

So what if Melissa Bhagat is a Conservative? What does this prove? Nothing at all. I'm a conservative. And I'm blogging about this. I guess this makes me part of the alleged conspiracy, too, and every Conservative as well. Sure, absolutely, pal!

And as for the emails, oh, come on, Warren. You're just asking questions there, what was this? What was that? What were they doing? Oh, my! Gotta be a conspiracy there... just gotta!

This is sad and pathetic. I thought this guy Kinsella was a mastermind. Now I'm disappointed that he didn't provide anything of value except a lot of irrelevant circumstantial things indicating nothing, but which excite the conspiracy theorist in him.

He's just a guy with a bag full of dirty tricks and purple dinosaurs.

Kind of like a mean, nasty clown!

And Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff consents to this guy behaving like this on his behalf, going around sounding like some crazy conspiracy theorist. This can't help Count Iggula.

Par for the course for Liberals, of course. Let them keep on trying.

And I'm sure the Big Media will be helping the Liberals every step of the way, as history predicts.

ht: NNW