Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama's Supportive Words For Bigoted Judge Sotomayor Are Nonsense

US President Barack Obama applauds his nominee for Supreme Court ...
Supremacism on the march: Two extraordinarily powerful, like-minded Left-Wing Extremists. Most Americans don't know what these people have planned for them, because the Big Media won't tell them, even if they know.


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I'm sorry, Obama, but I'm afraid that it would be dangerous to appoint a racist and sexist who you personally wish to believe would have "chosen her words differently" if given the chance.

Sorry, but that doesn't make any difference.

Just as it wouldn't make any difference for a Republican nominee who said something that made him sound racist, sexist, anti-Muslim, anti-GLBT, etc...

You know as well as I do that the Democrats and the Extreme Left wouldn't allow it to happen. They'd freakin' threaten de-facto civil war, for feck's sake! Riots, cars burning, beatings, killings, you name it. Think Rodney King and the aftermath of his guilty verdict. This is what the Left, your own people, would do if a real judge was appointed, even one who never said anything controversial.

Besides, I remember you opposed Bush's own nomination offering. So choose someone untainted by the perception of bias and discrimination.

You must understand that appointing this person to the Supreme Court would not be accepted by a lot of people... a LOT.

Yet I see you digging in and doggedly, stubbornly pushing to have a racist, sexist, ultra-extreme left-wing ideologue into the Supreme Court.

Yes, I agree that one sentence alone isn't everything. That's why there's a LOT more sentences that were uttered by Ms. Sotomayer which confirm that she has no business being a judge anywhere.

Call me what you want, but it's clear to me that Sotomayer can't be trusted and will only be very dangerous to America and to Americans' equality rights.

She is unacceptable to be a judge anywhere due to her apparent extremist views and numerous stupid, inexplicable, bigoted utterances. She clearly isn't fit!

Judicial activism must be opposed. This is why I oppose the bigot Sotomayor. Even though I'm not even American. Because I know that what happens in America affects Canada and vice versa. After all, the whole SSM war in America is happening because it was imposed on Canada by the Liberals.

Don't be deceived by a pretty, vulnerable, kind, tolerant, equitable, innocent-looking face from which the warmest, fluffiest of Big Lies spew forth. Bigotry doesn't always have a narrow mustache and an evil-looking countenance. Sometimes it looks nice.

Being a "minority" of any kind (including "white", of course) doesn't mean you'd be a better judge than anyone else.

Only a proven track record of doing the judge's job properly and without bias can be accepted as qualification.

Sotomayor's rulings were, in fact, overruled on appeal 60% of the time. How's that for a record?

A judge's job is to do what the Constitution says to do. Period.

Not what the Extreme Left (as represented by Obama) wants them to do.

"Empathy" and "putting yourself into others' shoes" are not parts of the judge's job, and the People must say so, and demand perfect-as-humanly-possible scrupulousness of all judges.

Any doubts, especially doubts borne of such shocking utterances as made by the likes of Judge Sotomayor, must be seriously taken into account.

Just like the Left, including Obama, took the slightest of doubts (and their own judgement-skewing Leftist prejudices against conservatives, Christians and Constitutionalists), both real and imaginary, into account when vehemently opposing any nomination that they din't think was Left-Wing Extremist enough for their hidden agenda.

It's frightening that most Americans don't realize what Obama and the Democrats are doing and what they have in store for them. It's like they are unable to see what's going on. Thank the Big Media for hiding the truth from them and sugarcoating everything else, except when they attack anything and anyone who's not a Left-Wing Extremist radical reformer.

And nothing any Leftist or professed "centrist" can say, even the "moderate"-acting ones, will impress me with whatever retort them may offer, because the facts are the facts, and no amount of smoke and mirrors and hypnotic semantic sophistry will change the facts.

Closed-minded? Moi? Hardly. I'm the exact opposite of "closed-minded". I aggressively seek observable facts, rather than just letting others tell me what they want me to "know" and not what they don't want me to "know". I gather every bit of data and properly process it inside my brain so as to understand what's really going on in the world. Most people really can't claim to be doing that, actually, and this is why it'll be really tough to make any impression on me, because I've already considered this stuff from all sorts of angles, believe it or not.

Besides, hey, tit-for-tat. The Extreme Left and their moderate comrades the useful idiots are guilty of far, far, far, infinitely worse than I am in this post, so they can't complain that I'd dare say:

"Obama, just pick someone else. I'm reasonable. Find someone with a proven record of impartiality in rulings and no perceptions of highly-probable bias and bigotry. I don't even care if it's a Democrat... just find a Democrat with a decent record as a judge who just does his or her job. That's all. So come on, swallow your pride and pick someone who's a better choice, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, etc."

Besides, if you proceed with this, don't be surprised if, one day, an arguably foreign-born, crazy, right-wing extremist president with disquieting (but covered-up-by-the-Big-Media) ties to racist and terrorist organizations rises effortlessly to power on a ludicrously vague, detail-devoid platform of "hope", "change", and "yes we can", just like you did and appoints David Duke to the Supreme Court. After all, History shows precedent for both "left"-wing and "right"-wing extremists to rise to power based on Big Media propaganda and impressive charisma and oratorial skills. You couldn't blame the People in that case, either, because, after all, they're stupid, non-thinking and extremely bullshittable, as was proven when you bullshat them with the help of the Big Media into thinking you were just a nice guy who'd be supposedly "better" than Bush. (You're far, far worse).

David Duke? Hell, how do we know that this Sotomayor person isn't just hiding her more extreme agenda, whatever it is? She could be even worse than David Duke!