Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dem MoneyMan Hsu Convicted, Obama Fingered

Obama's name mentioned during testimony

here. Emphasis mine.

During the trial that began May 12, prosecutors played a voicemail recording of Clinton, then a senator, effusively praising Hsu for his loyal support. After his 2007 arrest, the senator returned more than $800,000 to donors whose contributions were linked to him.

Jurors also heard testimony from several investors who recounted how Hsu wowed them by showing off his political connections. Another witness has testified she met President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, President Bill Clinton, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Rep. Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island at fundraisers she attended with him.

Obama's organization did, indeed, also receive money from Mr. Hsu.

And Obama flipflopped on returning the money. First he wanted to keep the money, then he figured he'd better dump it.

One of many, many waffles Oh-Bummah's had.

Hey, Barry, man, don't you know you are what you eat???
Oh, wait... too late!