Saturday, May 30, 2009

Latinos Divided On Sotomayor, Worried About Bigoted Views

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"As a Puerto Rican American, as a Latino, I do commend President Obama for making a very practical strategic, political nomination. ... As a Christian leader, which I am first and foremost, I have concerns."


"I know Latinos are very excited," said Delgado, the New York/New Jersey director of Rodriguez's organization. "But I'd just like to hear some more about her and her positions."


The Rev. Miguel Rivera, chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders, said his organization has sent a letter asking Republicans involved in the confirmation process to strenuously question her positions.

"We support strong, conservative, non-activist judges for the Supreme Court," he said of his conservative evangelical group. "We're commending the choice, but we're not totally behind her until we evaluate her experience."


"If this is an indicator of what Obama is going to be doing," he said, "it's going to take off to a real liberal left."

And that's dangerous, because the Liberal Left, no doubt about it, has a hidden agenda to do all kinds of dangerous, scary things.

And it's not about anything, really, other than ideology, regardless of race, sex, etc.

It's about human decency and rationality. It's about treating everyone equally and fairly.

Those things, the Liberal Left talks about, but doesn't practice. Anyone who makes the time on a daily basis to see this for themselves, day in and day out, can see that this it the scary truth about the Left.

And the closed, lazy-minded Liberal Leftists who would condemn me for saying that, well, they just don't know what they're talking about because they don't think. They're just brainwashed into thinking that the bad stuff the Left does is actually good, and don't care to think about it for themselves to put the propaganda to the critical-thinking test.

Besides, too many people, including "Latino" folks like Ms. Sotomayor, do have trepidations with respect to her apparent biases and supremacistic utterances.

Such a controversial figure, well, hey, when a Republican nominee is controversial, with the Left saying crazy stuff (remember Ted Kennedy's unhinged rant?) about the nominee, well, I recall that the nominee was withdrawn and replaced with a Leftist. Yep, the Left got its way then and will get its way now.

I don't envy America, what with the Extreme Left tearing her to pieces and rearranging them in an illogical, not-fitting-together manner.

And I note, in particular, that there's a LOT of disquiet and worry on the part of Christan Latinos, as well as Christians in general, about this Sotomayor nominee.

After all, just coming from a "Catholic" heritage doesn't mean anything in and of itself. Anyone can call themselves "Catholic", go to church and all that, but, effectively may not be one at all in their philosophy, having rejected all the things about Cathlicism they find inconvenient.

Much like Obama. Claims he's a Christian, but we know he's not. He doesn't bother with church anymore (I guess he only went to enjoy the hate, anti-Americanism and racism preaching he found in his old one). And his policies are decidedly extremely un-Christian. As if he's imposing dogmatic Atheist ideology instead.

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These "empathic" judges, they're really judicial activists, they make law, something they're not allowed to do but get away with.

"Empathy" is the new euphemism for judicial activism/judge-made law.

And Sonia Sotomayor has "empathy" fluttering out of the ol' wazoo.

Next thing you know, judges will be having empathy for murderers and terrorists just because they're from a similar social group as are the murderers and terrorists.

This can't be allowed; social group membership cannot be considered by a judge because doing so is unconstitutional!

Of course, Obama has already indicated that he doesn't like the Constitution.