Monday, May 18, 2009

Girl Scouts Overtaken By Extreme Left

Story here.

The Left really does seek to take over everything.

They want to control the agenda of everything, in line with their general agenda.

They must be opposed. By the People Who Vote.

The only way to reverse the decline into Extreme Left-Wing depravity is to vote for "right-wing" parties and candidates only.

After all, the fact of the matter is that "right-wing"/"conservative" is all about moderation, not extremism, therefore if you don't want any crazy nonsense to be imposed upon you and your country, then don't vote for candidates on the Left or even the so-called "center", which is a comfort zone for leftists who are uncomfortable admitting they're actually leftist.

Oh, and, parents, either don't let your daughters enter the Girl Scouts, or pull them out if they're already in. You don't want neo-Communists, femiNazis and carpetmunchers brainwashing your daughters, do you?