Monday, May 25, 2009

Lorne Gunter on Liberal Hypocrites

Article here.

ht: Bourque

Not a fan of government monopoly health care? You're un-Canadian. Not big on easy unemployment benefits, official bilingualism, dismantling our military, beggaring our economy in the name of environmentalism, coddling criminals, huge public debts, activist judges, multiculturalism, foreign investment reviews, national energy policies and so on? Shame on you for being so un-Canadian.

Now the Tories are using the Liberals' own tactic against them and the Grits are sputtering with indignation.

Heh. "Progressives" hate having to take a taste of their own medicine!

The Liberals like to say, still, that Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper is George Bush's biggest fan. Yet, while he was head of a human rights institute at Harvard University, Mr. Ignatieff was a bigger defender of Mr. Bush's war on terror than anyone else currently in Canadian politics.


Other Liberals were saying the same things the Tories are of Mr. Ignatieff just two-and-a-half years ago. While running against him for the Liberal leadership, Joe Volpe said no one who had been away for more than three decades could be an expert about his party or this country. Bob Rae complained "there are things about a country that you don't learn from a book," that can only be learned by being here and being at the centre of tough constitutional or economic debates. In other words, someone should only seek to lead this country if he has "Canada in his bones."

Yet here we see the Liberals today, jumping up and down and crying like toddlers now that they're learning "how it feels as they do it to us" and they don't like it.

Of course, the difference, one cannot overemphasize, is that the Conservatives are telling the truth.