Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hypocritical Ignatieff Protests Too Much On Deficit

Story here.

ht: NNW

I see that the headline for the Globe and Mail's story by two (why does it take two "professional" journalists to put together one very small report? I'm just one guy and I put this post together all by myself!) guys, Brian Laghi and Steven Chase claims that the Liberals are going for the Finance Minister's "jugular". My, how sensational!

But really, what a disappointment, as they missed. They didn't lay a finger on him, or even a hair!

So what if the deficit will be bigger than previously thought? Sure, deficits suck, but...

Hey, you know, the Leftist Opposition, led by Ignatieff and his Liberals, wanted the government to spend a LOT MORE. In fact, Ignatieff even demanded a SECOND stimulus budget! Didn't he realize that that would've made the deficit even bigger than the $50B we now see coming? Idiot and hypocrite! Thy name is Ignatieff!

And don't forget, the Conservatives, in the first place, didn't want to run up the deficit at all, didn't want to blow billions like that. But you ganged up with the communists and separatists to attempt to overthrow the government because it wouldn't run up the deficit.

Now that the Conservatives have done some of what you forced them to do against their will, you demand that they fire their finance minister?

This is just too absurd!

Oh, wait... nothing's too absurd when it comes to Liberals!