Saturday, May 30, 2009

UK Conservatives On Top, Labour Third: Poll$7006231$300.jpg
A stoned-looking Gordon Brown, left, and Conservative Leader David Cameron.
Time for a change. David Cameron represents hope. Yes Britain can!


Well, what does one expect when Labour went too far to the Left and royally screwed up England?

Asked who they would support in a general election, only 22 per cent of voters back Labour, with the party slumping behind both the Conservatives on 40 per cent and, crucially for Mr Brown's future, the Liberal Democrats who are on 25 per cent.

Hopefully these numbers will hold and the Conservatives will return to power in Britain and bring about change. What kind of change, you Leftists ask? Why ask now? You didn't ask "what kind of change" for Obama!

If the Left can arrogantly impose whatever change they want, then so can the right. The Left understands this full well, and can't complain when the other guys come to power with a huge majority and do all kinds of stuff the Left won't like.