Saturday, May 23, 2009

Extremists Release A Re-written Manifesto

riot.jpg image by kjk76_80

Who are these extremists realeasing The Dallas Principles?

Nice piece of propaganda and a declaration of war on American values, masquerading, ever-so-ironically, as an "American rights movement". Today. In which these folks already have MORE rights than ordinary, non-special Americans.

These people pretend to be American patriots. Funny, but in their case, it's wholly appropriate to call them "teabaggers"!

They want supremacism, they want everything they desire, and they are, as always, going to sugarcoat their extremist movement as simply "a movement for equal rights".

They incredibly claim to honor the founding principles of America.

Funny, you know, those who disagree with them are doing the exact same thing!

Only one side can be telling the truth. And we know how the Tea Party Million were treated, (defamatorily, as "racist", "teabagging", "Right-Wing Extremist" Republican Party activists) by the Media of Mass Deception and the socialist-fascist Soros-Obama state apparatus and how the other guys are already treated (as superior).

They will lie, lie and lie a lot more. Just like the Islamic supremacists.

Funny, but it seems to me like nothing more than the republication of the original homosexual manifesto and war-plan document, After the Ball, under a different name, and with newer wording. They're refreshing the whole movement. My, but how "progressive", this rewriting of the same old stuff.

It's worth mentioning that on Tuesday, the California Supreme Court will render its decision re. Proposition 8, which the hateful, sometimes-violent extremists refused to accept just because they didn't win it.

Obviously they're prepared to start a whole new war, if the CSC doesn't issue the ruling they want. They are intolerant of both democracy and of any court ruling they don't agree with, and will do whatever they see fit to get what they want, and the propaganda they implement is nothing short of the Big-Lies sort used by the Nazis (Hitler was actually homosexual- Google it!), the Communists, the Islamofascists and the Obamites.

These people already have been raised above all others (except, of course, for the Muslims, who are at the very, very top, followed by the GLBTs, which makes one wonder if the GLBTs are about to declare war on Muslims and Islam), yet they continue to push for MORE.

They're scary.

They're also hateful, JudeoChristianophobic, racist, and sometimes even violent, and their violence is documented and searchable online. And some of them, anonymously, online, have threatened to kill those with whom they disagree, especially Christians. They also hate Jews, Blacks (they've called Blacks the "n" word, because a lot of Blacks, who also voted for the anti-gay-marriage Obama, voted yes on Prop. 8), anyone who dared to vote "Yes" on Proposition 8.

The Big Question is about Barack Hussein Obama, who is supposedly opposed to "equal rights for GLBTs", in that he is opposed to "marriage" for "gays".

Will these hateful extremists, some of whom have proven to be racist, violent and murderous-minded, target President Obama, who is Black and actually not all that "tolerant" on the whole GLBT thing, because he disagrees with them?

Oh, and a big, pre-emptive "feck off" to the so-called "Human Rights" Commissions and to anyone who dares try to take my rights away. You will be fought tooth and nail all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada if you try to take away my own rights just because you don't like the way I tell the truth. Please refer to the message immediately below the masthead of this blog.