Thursday, May 21, 2009

Massive Tory Turnout In "Liberal" Montreal

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The Conservatives may be down in the polls of late in Quebec, but they came up with an impressive crowd in Montreal Wednesday night, a town where they haven’t won a seat in more than 20 years.

They sold 2,300 tickets at $150 per for a fundraising event at a downtown hotel where close to 2,000 packed the ballroom to hear a feisty partisan speech by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who declared that he’s ready for an election if the opposition parties want one.(


“They’ll never again be able to say that I wrote off Quebec,” he said surveying the crowd. “Our party and our organization are getting stronger in all parts of Quebec, including Montreal. After the next election our minister for Montreal will be a Montreal MP.”


“Thanks to our good management Canada was the last country to go into recession and will come out of it with one of the strongest economies on the planet. We were not elected despite the crisis but because of it, because no other party comes close to us in managing the economy.”

The Conservatives had many, many more folks in attendance at this supposedly little fundraiser in "Liberal" Montreal than the Liberals had in their national convention to coronate a so-called "leader" without democratic consent of the membership.

The turnout in Montreal for the Tories totally blew away the recent national turnout for the Liberal convention, in which hundreds and hundreds of Liberals stayed home in obvious, though unmentioned by the delusional Big Media, protest of being denied their right to elect their own leader as opposed to having one coronated by arrogant, out-of-touch ivory tower elites.

What a stark contrast not shown in the irrelevant momentary-snapshot, attention-deficit-disorder-distorted polls.

The polls can't be believed, once one looks at the real signs of strength (as opposed to false signs of supposed weakness) that point more solidly to the future.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Hard at work on the Canadian economy.


Meanwhile, Liberal coup-dictator Ignatieff again copies an Obamanian tactic and gets an impressive-sounding bunch of big-name folks together in a room to pretend he has a "plan for the economy". Really, it means nothing, nothing at all, when you think about it. A bunch of folks agreeing to have their names mentioned in a certain context. Big deal signifying nothing. Besides, Obama's own economic management has been nothing but the taking of the opportunity to transform the American economy into a socialistic, state-controlled one. I guess this is Ignatieff's plan, too, to socialize and centralize Canada's economy, Obama-style. I can see it now, with the Ignatieff-Liberal state owning the means of production and making us stand in lines for everything which will be rationed... just like they've forced us to stand in line for healthcare, often proving too late by the time it's our turn... yep; standing-in-line, rationing-intensive Ignatieff Liberal socialism is the way of the future, just like Iggy's hero, the Sorosian Obamapus, demonstrates.

Michael Ignatieff, just visiting Canada and looking for a temporary job before he moves on , is nothing but a politician who will abandon his former "intellectual" positions in favor of power. He is now a SOCIALIST.

Get that? Michael Ignatieff, unelected, coup-plotting-insider Liberal "leader", is a SOCIALIST. Like his hero the Obamapus.

There is NO hope in socialism. Only despair.

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