Saturday, May 16, 2009

On-Tory-o Leadership Hopefuls Promising To Terminate Star Chamber

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Above: The true face of the evilly hateful, ironically-named "Human Rights" Commissions.


ht: NNW.

Mr. Hudak, the acknowledged front-runner in the four-person race, announced this week that he would replace the tribunal with a court-based system bound by rules of evidence instead of an entity that uses the province's Human Rights Code as a “tool for political advocacy.”

Party insiders said the policy is an attempt by the veteran MPP to woo the supporters of leadership rival Randy Hillier, a rookie MPP who is expected to finish in fourth place on the first ballot. Mr. Hillier, who is attracting a growing following in eastern and southwestern Ontario among farmers and land owners, has also called for abolishing the tribunal.

Their stand leaves them at odds with leadership rivals Christine Elliott and Frank Klees, who worry that the policy could hurt the party and be as ill fated as former leader John Tory's pledge to publicly fund all religious schools in addition to Catholic ones, said a party insider.

As for Elliott and Klees, they're 100% wrong to not aim to get rid of that fascistic, oppressive, tyrannical, hateful kangaroo "court" which mostly only serves to censor expression deemed inconvenient to the Ultra-Extreme Left, plus which treads all over peoples' rights, including the right to a fair trial. The OHRC is NOT a legitimate "court" at all, and doesn't follow any rules of evidence, merely rendering automatic guilty verdicts against people they hate, as long as there's no danger of their (penniless) victims hauling them before the Supreme Court of Canada to account for their violating peoples' Charter rights. They prey on poor, powerless nobodies and find them guilty each and every time without exception. The only exceptions were the high-profile, well-supported, popular, fighting-mad, ready-to-go-to-the-Supreme-Court Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and MacLeans magazine.

The "Human Rights" Commissions, both federal and provincial, must be shut down in order to protect human and Charter rights and equality. If they aren't, then we're not much better than, say, Saudi Arabia, though we don't chop peoples' heads off... at least not yet, though if the Ultra-Extreme Left continues to enjoy the ability to persecute innocents howsoever it pleases, well, you never know what atrocities some of them might have in mind for conscientious ideological dissenters...

Besides, as a matter of fact, many prominent folks on the Left are onside with the idea of terminating the awesome power of the so-called "Human Rights" commissions. Too bad the Big, Ultra-Extreme Left-Wing Media doesn't want to tell Canadians the shocking, frightening truth about the actual human rights situation in Canada today.