Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Palestinians" Persecute Christians, Smash Gravemarking Crosses

First, a little bit of little-known hate history, in pictures.

The Islamic Leader Meets with the Nazi Fuhrer.

Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini inspects Muslim Nazi troops, WWII

Al-Husseini seig-heiling during Muslim Nazi troop inspection. Those intolerant supremacists tend to stick together despite their differences, don't they? Their evil and their hatred are strong enough to unite them.

Today's "Palestinians" are not much different from Hitler's "Aryan" supremacists. You know it; it's obvious. Hate is hate, regardless of whether the hater is richer or poorer than those they hate.

The Islamic World isn't just Judeophobic. It's also Christianophobic. After all, to follow the Koran directly necessarily requires one to be hateful and supremacist.

Unfortunately, too many faint-hearted and -minded "progressives" are still unable to admit that "those poor people" could possibly be as horrible and evil as the Nazis. They try to explain the reality as other than what it is, so that they won't have to point fingers at an "identifiable group", of whom the vast majority are poor and say, "Look, these people, an overwhelming plurality of them within their community is fomenting and perpetuating hatred and violence against those who are different, just like the Nazis of Germany, and they're having a difficult time with resisting those amongst their people who preach hatred, supremacism and murder of those who are different".


Why give those people a country of their own?

It would be founded on Islamic supremacism and xenophobia. Is this wise? (Hey, why not also give some folks, say, "Aryans", a country of their own, to be founded on "Aryan" supremacism, based on land to be taken away from the Jewish People, to whom it rightly belongs, and whose offers of equality, citizenship, co-existence, harmony and peace the "Aryans" have stubbornly rejected just because they hate Jews? What the hell is the difference?)

Is this what the "progressives" want? Oh, of course it is, obviously!

Only the ignorant and misinformed believe that "Palestine" is anything more than a myth founded on hate and murder.

JERUSALEM – Palestinian Christians in a normally quiet village are reeling from a series of grave desecrations this week that they say are indicative of intimidation tactics from the town's growing Muslim population.

"Christians don't feel free anymore. Our way of life is changing while the Muslim population grows," a local Christian told WND. The Christian would only give his first name, Anis, for fear of Muslim retaliation if he speaks out. He pointed out there are several other Anis's in his village, Jisna, which is located near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

This week, 70 Christian grave sites in Jisna were vandalized, with the crosses on top of the graves found smashed off, local Christians told WND.

Jisna is primarily a Christian village, but over the last 6 to 8 years, the town has seen a steady stream of Muslims, mostly due to Jisna's good quality of life. Two years ago, the first mosque was constructed in the village. If the Islamic influx continues, Jisna might go the way of so many other Palestinian cities, like Ramallah and Bethlehem, which used to be predominantly Christian but now have large Muslim majorities.

Why is it ok for Muslims to be supremacist, to push non-Muslims out and so on and so forth?

Why are "progressives" so eager to deny widespread, rampant, crisis-level hatred and xenophobia that obviously, undeniably exists and is rapidly spreading, virally, within the Islamic World everywhere on earth? Hey, I thought "progressives" believed that hatred was a serious problem facing humanity and that it was widespread and spreading rapidly and needed to be doggedly cracked down upon, even if it might potentially step on civil rights to do so?

Why do "progressives" prefer to attack Christians, Jews, conservatives, Israel, America, freedom, democracy, the rule of law, real human rights, and the values upon which the Free World was founded and built, and let the Muslim supremacists, imperialists and marauders off the hook?

Why feel guilty for the Crusades, which only came about due to centuries of Islamic supremacism, imperialism, attack, invasion and occupation of Christian lands? The Muslims have always started these conflicts, and they're continuing to do so, encouraged and facilitated in new ways of doing so, by the Non-Free World, particularly Russia and China, as is obvious to those who have actually done serious examination of the whole situation?

The Islamic World is the aggressor. Why won't "progressives" dare to open their eyes, observe everything that's happening and properly process the observations in their brains so as to see the unmistakable, undeniable patterns which constitute the irrefutable proof as to who's the aggressor, the Muslims?

Do "progressives" give the Islamic World a free pass on its hateful intolerance and supremacistic actions because "progressives" also, themselves, hate JudeoChristianity and traditional Free World values? Do "progressives" identify more with Old, Supremacist Islam than with the reformers who want to eradicate the hatred and violence from the movement?

What the "progressive" movement refuses to realize is that these folks, the haters amongst them who comprise an overwhelming plurality, they will eventually turn on the "progressives" and demand they, too, convert, submit and abandon their vices and "immoral" beliefs and behaviors... or else. They don't realize that their current, selective "tolerance" for this other movement, a plurality of which are intolerant, will one day cause them problems, too.

Why won't "progressives" be opposed to hatred and intolerance, regardless of who's being hateful and intolerant, rich or poor, dark or light, whatever?

One can only conclude that "progressivism" must be a mental disorder in which one refuses to accept reality consistently because sometimes reality is inconvenient to their dogmatic ideology and because they need to lie to themselves so as to be able to continue stubbornly, narrow-mindedly stick to their own flawed beliefs and value system.

"Progressives" pretend. They become deluded. They fabricate conspiracies. Whatever it takes, they'll do it. This is why "progressives" refuse to accept the truth, that "these poor people" are no better as a movement than were the Nazis and those who went along with them because they didn't understand that the whole supremacist thing is wrong.

The unwritten prime directive of "Progressivism" is to elevate the "poor". There are, unfortunately, no qualifications attached to this directive, nor is "poor" even clearly defined, so is it really all that surprising that this "elevate the poor" imperative is so brainless and irrational, so isolated from reality, from right and wrong, from morality and immorality, from good and evil?

Why won't "progressives" admit that richness/poorness can't hold a candle in importance to the distinctions of right/wrong, good/evil, tolerance/hatred, etc...?

Real morality and righteousness is achieved with understanding of and acting consistently with the primacy of right/wrong.

Is it right/wrong to hate innocent group members who are different, just because they're different, or even because they're a bit "more fortunate"? Of course it's wrong, but in the "progressive" ideology, it's, incredibly, delusionally, illogically, somehow right, as long as the wrongdoers, evildoers, haters, etc., are perceived to be "poor". What, therefore, does this say about the essence of "progressivism"?

Is it right/wrong to recognize that which is wrong and to expose it? It's right, not wrong. But "progressives" don't understand this, because they illogically, dogmatically, a-priori, assert that the poor can do no wrong. Therefore they believe and assert that the "Palestinians" and the Islamic community of the world, whether rich or poor, are never, never wrong. And they're wrong to believe and assert this.

Excusing hatred, evil and intolerance by the "poor" will not "elevate" them out of poverty. It didn't work for the Nazis when they tried to elevate themselves out of their Depression-caused "poverty" by stealing from and trying to wipe out an entire other group who were a bit different, did it?