Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just Like McCain

Have y'all noticed that Democrats and talking heads are going around saying that the Republican Party needs to "turn left" and "adopt more 'centrist' policies" and "abandon your right-wing policies" if they want to ever win an election again.

Well, this cartoon addresses the annoying nonsense coming from those arrogant Leftists.

It would be extremely stupid of the GOP to take the advice of their mortal political enemies as to what to do to win the next election.

Very stupid.

You see, the Democrats and other Leftists do NOT want the GOP to win, ever.

So why the hell would they give advice to their political opponents on how to beat them?

It's illogical. And hilarious.

I laugh at them.

After all, John McCain was, for a Republican, extremely left-wing.

And he lost the election.

'Nuff said!

The thing to do is to focus on policies, not an ideology in general. The policies will support the general ideology all by themselves, and they'll be policies which the majority of Americans want, and we know what they want, which is the opposite of what the Democrats and other leftists want.

So, in a nutshell, do the opposite of what your enemy tells you to do.

Bring back the "right" voters who stayed home because of McCain.

Do it "right" this next time and you'll send Barry-O back to the Whiny City.

Of course, you must do it in time for the midterms in a couple of years so as to stack both Houses with serious, no-bullshit conservative Republicans, real American patriots, so that there will be a possibility of getting rid of the fascist, socialist tyrant Obama (impeachment) sooner than his four years are up, just in case. Oh, wait, the "case" is now, obviously, but, well, too bad, for a couple of years, eh?