Friday, April 23, 2010

Obamacracy Agents Going After Amish Farmers

The Obamacrat Reich is getting more and more aggressive all the time.

Like in this case.

One would think that such things would happen in, say, Zimbabwe, Red China, North Korea, the old USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, Rwanda, Iran, etc..., and not in America!
You know, I'd rather see them, instead of harrassing Amish farmers, raid and shut down the Jamaat ul Fuqra terrorist training camps which they "have credible evidence" and "have reason to believe" are operating in America.  It's not as if the Democratic Party, when in power, is shy of raiding suspected "extremist" compounds, after all... remember when they attacked, with tanks and stuff and burned the Branch Davidian compound to the ground just because they wanted to go after so-called "Christian extremists"?

But, hey, it's easier to go after relatively powerless Christians and the pacifist Amish than to go after supremacist, murderous Islamic jihadists!


Balbulican said...

Just a couple of little notes, Scenty.

The Public Health Services Act was passed in 1944. It has nothing to with Obama.

The farmers involved have been charged because they are illegally selling raw (i.e., unpasteurized) milk across state lines. That's illegal. They were warned, and they are persisting.

Identical cases are being pursued in Ontario, specifically in Lanark County.

I realize in your little fantasy world Obama is the source of all evil. However, if you now feel it's wrong to enforce the law, you should probably stop calling yourself a conservative. ;)

glasnost said...

However, if you now feel it's wrong to enforce the law, you should probably stop calling yourself a conservative.

Balbulican gets it. Perhaps his visits here are actually cries for help; he wants to convert but needs a hand to help him over from the dark side. Be strong Balbulican, you can do it.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh? I was thinking that Balbulican wanted a massively oppressive Big-Brother police state in which all that the enforcement apparatchiks need is a "reasonable belief" that people are doing something bad... in order to barge onto their property anytime and scare the crap out of them, be they Amish, JudeoChristian, atheist, Muslim, homosexual, transsexual, Vulcan, Klingon, Teletubby, whatever.

Who cares about rights, "non-discrimination" and privacy and all that? The state must enforce all laws aggressively to protect "The People", right, Balbulican?

(Please note that I'm being sarcastic, 'k?)

Yep. Goosestep right on into an Amish barn and accuse the frightened Amish farmer of "interstate commerce" when they've got no proof. That's ok. Just doing their job. Can't be going around selling milk! That'd be real bad, as opposed to preaching hatred, subversion and violent jihad in Saudi-funded Mosques and Madrassas...

At least if they can do that to poor, peaceful Amish farmers, then surely it's also ok to do it to the Jamaat ul Fuqras. It's about feckin' time they shut those terrorist training camps down for good, 'cause they KNOW that they're up to all kinds of criminal and terrorist-training crap! Who cares if they're Muslims? Muslims who commit badness should be jackbooted no less harshly than Amish farmers simply milking their cows at 5AM!

Anonymous said...

It really is too much. Think about it. They roll in like they were the ATF. Someone please tell me they were playing Wägner.
So what was there at 5 A.M. that wouldn't be there at 10 A.M.? Oh yea, I forgot, the element of surprise. Can you just imagine the pre op meeting? Gawd this is funny! Legends in their own minds.
I can just imagine the look on the cow's faces; clear, tranquil, and stupid... and the agents... harsh, excitable, and stupid.
There is a growing market for raw milk. Instead of helping this industry grow safely let's just shut it down. Follow people around. Watch them from adjacent properties.

Has anyone fallen ill yet?
This really is about interstate commerce and a couple thousand tax dollars that can't be collected because the milk is raw and therefore not legal. Dan Allyger..."The Amish Capone" They've got him on tax evasion.

Isn't it ironic? This, under the Obama administration. Mooooo! I mean Booooo!
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